TheMeshProject skin applier


TheMeshProject skin installer for Poppy skins is now available! The installer works with all three of Poppy skin tones, sand, honey and chai. It also comes with two cleavage options.

Find it in Deluxe Body Factory’s main store in-world or at the Second Life Marketplace (remember to enable adult to see it).

Please note, you need to get the TMP mesh body separately since it is not included.

Stay tuned for an update regarding the release of TheMeshProject head installer for Poppy skin!

Poppy SLINK Visage mesh head appliers

[DBF]-Poppy-SLINK-Visage-mesh-head-applier-Eyeliners-Sand-skin-tone-AD [DBF]-Poppy-SLINK-Visage-mesh-head-applier-Eyeliners-Honey-skin-tone-AD [DBF]-Poppy-SLINK-Visage-mesh-head-applier-Eyeliners-Chai-skin-tone-AD

SLINK Visage mesh head appliers for Poppy skin! This time with a variety of eyeliners. Available at the marketplace (sand, honey and chai) or in-world Second Life.

Each applier HUD has the option for a clean, natural face without makeup. A choice of eyebrows, ash, ginger, auburn, chestnut or jet. To that, you add your choice of eyeliner, 5 different to choose from. Last, an option to add one of the 10 different lipsticks!

The SLINK Visage mesh head pack includes a skin body base to match the applier skin, two cleavage options to choose from.

For the full body, please see Poppy skin and modifiable shape.

Other add-ons are the previous Poppy SLINK Visage mesh head appliers with a wide range of eyeshadows or the Poppy skin appliers for SLINK Physique mesh body, including both SLINK hands, feet and body skin appliers.


Deluxe Body Factory joins the fight!


Deluxe Body Factory joins the fight against breast cancer!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and :mused: are organizing a hunt (1st October to 1st November)  to help raise money for a Breast Cancer focused charity. The Charity chosen is Breast Cancer Connections.

Our contribution is Ezrela skin which like all the other hunt items are on sale for only 10L$! Please note, this money does not go to Deluxe Body Factory owners, but to an avatar that :mused: has been set up to manage the funds for donation.

Also note, the skin Deluxe Body Factory offers is originally created for this event and will not be available after this event. You better grab this bargain when you can!



Fight against breast cancer in Second Life

Fundraising for a cure. A fight against breast cancer. Help us and others, support our fight for a cure. Come join “I feel You feel” hunt and pay $2L for this gorgeous skin from Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life. A small price to help save life.

Below is Deluxe Body Factory’s contribution. A unique designed female skin with matching Lola Tango/Mirage appliers included. Please note, this skin will not be available elsewhere after the hunt is over, get it now for almost free and support our fight for a cure!

“I feel You feel” hunt start 21th September and last until 31th October. 100% proceeds will go to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!

Teleport in-world Second Life:



Deluxe Body Factory skins group gift

DBF-September-2014-group-gift-female-skin DBF-September-2014-group-gift-male-skin

Group gift from Deluxe Body Factory’s skins and shapes for September month are now available!

A female skin Juni with 3 breast options! Skin tone is vanilla and additional matching appliers are available. For men, a male skin Isak in milk skin tone with additional goatee stubble on tattoo layer.

Teleport directly:

Not a member yet? Click here or copy and paste this link (secondlife:///app/group/5d1f3417-9261-0a26-8ece-6b2e4b73c4ef/about) in your Second Life viewers open chat.

Deluxe Body Factory VIP membership gives you a new female and male skin each month as group gift. Also access to Midnight Mania and Lucky Boards with skins, shapes and accessories. Special group discounts are regulary given out on new releases as well as other surprises!

SLINK Physique appliers afro-american skin Takira


One click for hands, feet and SLINK Physique mesh body appliers!
Deluxe Body Factory’s skin applier HUD, now available for Takira skins (cocoa and espresso).

Grab it at the marketplace or visit us in-world Second Life!

The applier for the SLINK Physique mesh body is a perfect match to Takira skin and modifiable shape.

Check her out at Second Life Marketplace or in-world Second Life.

If SLINK would create more Ethnic mesh heads, there will absolutely also be a SLINK Visage applier available, I’d love to see this skin displayed on their beautiful mesh heads.

Please note, the mesh body is *NOT* included but has to be purchased separately. Find more information at SLINK blog.


Poppy skin and shape!

Latest release from Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life, Poppy skin and shape! Available both in-world and at Second Life Marketplace. Remember to sort for newest and enable Adult to see all items available.





Poppy includes all of the following plus a matching SLINK Visage Mesh Head Appliers separately available:

Skins with clean, natural face and 2 cleavage options and 5 eyebrow options on skin (total 10 skins)

Skins without eyebrows, 2 cleavage options (total 2 skins)

10 lipstick options on tattoo layer

6 eyeshadow options on tattoo layer

Modifiable shape
Brow shaper
Hide system lashes alpha layer

Appliers pack:
SLINK Physique mesh body
SLINK mesh hands and feet
Lola Tango / Visage
Baby Bump
Loud Mouth

Matching SLINK Visage appliers for mesh head is separately available.





Skin body base with 2 cleavage options, 1 skin tone

SLINK Visage Mesh Head Applier

– 5 eyebrow options with natural face, no make-up
– 10 lipstick options
– 6 eyeshadow options

Free demos are available in the main store in-world Second Life.


Anjou skin, hunt gift for Fruity Hunt in Second Life


Anjou skin is created by Deluxe Body Factory exclusively for the Fruity Hunt in Second Life, starting 15 July 2014! Included in the hunt gift is a female skin in one skin tone, with 2 cleavage option. Matching appliers are separately available (information included).

Find all the information about the hunt at the organizers blog:

Teleport to Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life:

Scarlett skin – surprise dollarbie


Skin Scarlett was originally created exclusively for a hunt in Second Life, expected to start 14 July and last to 3rd August. Unfortunatelly it does not seems as the organizers have updated their blog with participating stores.

Not to disappoint you who might been waiting to grab this gift, I made it available for you to come and grab for 1 Linden anyhow!

Scarlett comes with 2 extra cleavage options plus appliers (SLINK hands and feet, Loud Mouth, Lola Tango/Mirage).

Teleport in Second Life:

Happy dollarbie grabbing … or something!

Beelzebub horns 50% discount for a week!


The Countdown Room, an event for SL fashion!

Only new releases of ORIGINAL items will be offered, 50% off their regular price, BEFORE being sold in their stores. No templates, no stuff you can normally find on the marketplace. Real deals for quality, original wares but… only until the countdown reaches ZERO!

The Fourth round of The Countdown Room will start on 11th July and will last 1 week.

Deluxe Body Factory offers 3 decorated Beelzebub demon horns, 100% original mesh, materials enabled, resize script, 99L each. These are a new release belonging to Deluxe Body Factory’s accessories collection and will after the event is over be sold at their full price 199L.