My 60 L secret sale weekend

60 L secret sale starts now! It’s time again for “My 60L Secret” sale weekend! All items below are on sale in the main store in-world Second Life for only 60L.

The sale starts midnight Friday 22 February (00:00 PSD time) and last 72 hours until Monday 25 February (00:00 PSD time).

Click here for a direct teleport and then follow the arrows in a path to each item separately. Grab the bargains while you can!

Sale item #1, maternity dresses

60 L secret sale item, maternity dress


Sale item #2, mesh ugh boots for tiny avatars

60 L secret sale item, petite ugh boots

 Sale item #3, spring green eyes and extra lashes

Eyes and lashes, spring green, 60 L secret sale item

 Sale item #4, ocean blue eyes and extra lashes

Eyes and lashes, ocen blue, 60L secret sale item

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