Everluxe Estates


Come visit us in Inworldz!

Everluxe Estates – the key to your virtual home!

Come visit Everluxe Estates in the virtual world of Inworldz.

We offer you a choice of tropical themed parcels on private islands, waterfront beaches with beautiful tropical sea surrounding each isle. Some of our parcels have sailable water on the Amare Mare sea! We also provide luxurious furnished skyboxes, apartments and studios.

All homes are provided with adult rating. Your home, your choice!

Parcel information

All parcels are sold with full terraforming rights. This means you can change the terrain, parcel settings, music stream, ban unwanted visitors, building rights and so much more.

We offer various sizes and views, waterfront or waterfront corner parcels rangint from 4096 sqm to 1/4 sim of 16,384 sqm! All parcels have basic landscaping surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise water. Tropical vegetation such as palm trees and plants.

Some parcels have access to sailable water on the lovely Amare Mare sea – get your own private beach with sailable sea today!

Apartments, skyboxes, studios

All are furnished and ready to use for your comfort. As soon as you have been invited to our tenants group, feel free to add your own items and return or move around the existing one. Prim limit is show at the rental office.

Set your home position and feel free to use a personal privacy orb if needed. We are happy to provide you with a basic orb as well. We supply you with a radio with full user control and many music channels to choose from will be activated as you move in.

Full sim rentals

Private island with tropical landscape and access to sailable waters, 45000 prims, 65536 sqm, no covenant, adult ratings, full terraforming rights, 80 USD/week. Please contact Lutricia Roux for setup.


Please come and visit our rental office and see what parcels or apartments we have ready for you to choose from! Should you request something special, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Passim rental office: http://places.inworldz.com/Passim/137/135/501

“Like” us at Facebook for the latest updates: https://www.facebook.com/everluxe.estates

Pay your tier with Paypal!

We also offer the option to pay tier directly with PayPal rather then with IZ$. Sim rentals offer a monthly subscription, parcels and apartments use pay peer week option.
Please contact Lutricia Roux for help to setup or transfer your existing tier to Paypal. 

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