Lutricias Luxuries

Lutricia Roux is a fictive character, an avatar that works as a designer in the virtual world of Second Life and Inworldz. Follow her on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook to keep yourself updated on the latest.

Below is a short introduction of each branch in Second Life and Inworldz.

Deluxe Body Factory

High quality skins and shapes. Female, male, children and Ethnic skin and shape lines. We support the following appliers: Maitreya mesh body, hands and feet, Belleza mesh body, hands and feet, SLINK Visage mesh head, SLINK Physique mesh body, SLINK avatar enhancement system for mesh hands and feet, #TheMeshProject installer for mesh head, hands and feet, Maitreya mesh body Lara including hands and feet, Bellezza mesh body Venus including hands and feet, Loud Mouth, Lola Tango/Delique, SMB for kids, Baby Bump and Lena Mesh Body.

Please send us a request if your favourite accessories aren’t supported yet. We do require a developers kit and a top notch rig and/or mesh work.

Find also complete sets of avatars, including skin, hair, shape and clothes ranging from fantasy and folklore to every day themed creations. When needed for the character, animation overrides (AO) with high quality animations are included.

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Everluxe Estates

The key to your virtual home, active in Inworldz. Read more on the Everluxe Estates page! Like Everluxe Estates on Facebook!

Pocket Avatars

Tiny rigged mesh avatars, petite bodies designed in fantasy theme, fairies and elves. Small pixies, only 1/5 of the normal sized Second Life Avatar or measured with a prim, about 0.38 m high.

Please note, no exported mesh from Second Life has been used to create the bodies. The mesh is created and rigged by Lutricia Roux and will never be available in any full perm pack to  be mass-produced. This guarantees you an unique and original Pocket Avatars!

L’s design

Fashion for women. Clothing and footwear. Mainly rigged mesh clothes combined with regular system clothes.

Twinkle bits

Kids design, apparel created from high quality textures and mesh for those who role play a child in Second Life. Furniture sized for little boys and girls with carefully selected high quality animations. Stuffed animals, wearable teddy bears, elephant and giraffes with cuddle animations.

Twinkle Babe

Newborn infants, highly detailed, interactive and animated, mesh babies! Complete packages including for example Mummy AO to interact with your baby, stroller for walks outside, knitted blanket for some quiet special moments together.

The baby is created of 100 % mesh. Both the mesh and the textures are highly detailed and the package includes many enjoyable features!

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