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Cat and human hybrid skin plus shape

Cat and human hybrid Kissekatt from Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life, cat / human hybrid

Cat and human hybrid Kissekatt skin and shape is now available, both at the Second Life Marketplace as well as in-world!

Kissekatt is a rare and unique cat/human hybrid skin and shape that comes with 5 different skin tones (fair, cream, ivory, tan and noire) plus a modifiable shape. The whole set of appliers is also included, that is Phat Azz skin appliers, SLINK hands and feet appliers plus Lola Tango skin appliers.

The yellow feline eyes are also included as a bonus.


Oh My Gacha! – [ Sakide ] – Haunt Dresses

Cinnamon is cheeky

Skin and shape Opal featured #3

Pre-Release Gacha Garden

Pre-Release Gacha Garden will start 7th October.  A new gacha event! Deluxe Body Factory is participating with the fantasy skin Melda. Here is a quote from the organizers announcement:

We are proud to announce getting back into the swing of things after summer and opening the GATCHA GARDEN. As everyone knows, GATCHA’s are hot in SL right now. So we put our heads together and dreamed up the GARDEN.

Contact Dalriada Delwood or Zozicon Resident for applications (looking for designers and bloggers). Apps will also be placed at the entrance within the next few days.

The gacha item from Deluxe Body Factory is a never released (hint: Pre-Release ;) ) fantasy inspired skin, Melda. The gacha machine is loaded with 8 common skins and 1 rare skin.

Skin Melda for Pre-Release Garden Gacha from Deluxe Body Factory
Fantasy skin Melda at Pre-Release Gacha Garden

Happy “Gachaing”!

Pin-up hunt

The Pin-up hunt starts today (timeline 5th – 20th October)! Deluxe Body Factory’s hunt gift is a vintage inspired skin. Find all the details on the organizers blog.

The skin includes one skin tone (vanilla) with three cleavage options. Matching Phat Azz skin appliers and SLINK hands and feet appliers are separatelly available, check previous post (SLINK hands and feet, Phat Azz).

Happy hunting!

Pin-up hunt, skin Greta from Deluxe Body Factory

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Skin Opal for the SYS project featured #2

Skin Opal for SYS project in Second Life featured #1