A set of newborn infants, highly detailed, interactive and animated, mesh babies!

Twinkle babe: Fair skin
Twinkle babe: Fair skin
Twinkle babe: Ebony skin
Twinkle babe: Ebony skin
Twinkle babe: Olive skin
Twinkle babe: Olive skin 

A Twinkle babe is an adorable newborn baby made of 100 % mesh. Both the mesh and the textures are highly detailed and includes many enjoyable features! They are available as complete baby package, you will get all of the following in your package:

  • 1 baby to hold in your arms (mummy AO included with walks and sits). 100 % mesh (11 prims, LI 48)
  • 1 baby in stroller (stroller walk included, wear it from your inventory, no need for land to interact with your baby!) Mesh and sculpted prims (33 prims, LI 65)
  • 1 baby resting on a blanket with 2 built in animations for you to comfortably rest beside it or just admire your newborn! Mesh and sculpted prims (24 prims, LI 61)
  • 1 baby in a basket (carry with you as you go, the arm animation will override most AO used in SL) Mesh and sculpted prims (16 prims, LI 57)

For each of the above, easy to read instructions, note cards and information for all features above.


One mummy AO, beautiful high quality animations to take your baby with you as you go and interact with it. The AO includes walk with your baby on the arm (choose left or right, 3 different speeds), stand and rock your baby, stand and bottle feed your baby (both with choices of left and right), sit with your baby and either bottle feed it or rock it gently in your arms. It has an option for sit override, so you can sit comfortable on your favorite chair and still hold your baby. It overrides SL default animations, you can be sure to always keep your baby safe close to you.


Interact with your baby by touching it! A menu will show where you can make your baby fall asleep by perhaps first getting a bottle or a pacifier. After it has fallen asleep, touch it gently to wake up. When the baby is awake it will blink with bright baby blue eyes, make small gentle movements and encouraging baby sounds, coo, laugh, cry or just ”talk” to you ;)


Very user-friendly and easy to use HUD for changing the baby’s clothes (2 options), diaper (2 options), hair (black, brown, red-brown or blonde) or the stroller (2 options). You can also change the look of the cuddle blanket or the stuffed toy elephant in the stroller  Keep it on all the time or just when you wish to change clothes, the HUD is relatively small and will not fill up your whole screen.


Additional items to add/remove as you interact with your baby is a baby bottle, two stuffed toy animals (bear and elephant)


The permissions of all of the items in this package, including the baby, are copy, no mod, no transfer. You can easily change the size of the baby or the stroller by the included re-size script. Make a copy in your inventory, rez it and size it to fit your avatar perfectly and then delete the re-size script. Should you change your mind, you always have a safe backup! You will never need to be worried about losing your baby!

Would you like a baby to give to your partner, please contact me for a baby with transfer option.

If you have any questions, before or after you decide to invest in a Twinkle babe, please contact me. I’m happy to assist you with your newborn baby or any questions you might have!

Talk to me!

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