Second Life versus Facebook? "Death" of social media networkThe Second Life group Swedish People in SL sent out a message informing that a popular Swedish newspaper had an article about Second Life (link in English … or at least an attempt by Google translate). The main theme of the article is the “death” of social media networks and in particular it highlights Facebook, Myspace and Second Life among others.

The first I noticed was the odd combination of social media networks to compare. As I see it, the networks mentioned aim at totally different users, I would doubt that Facebook and Myspace has the same target groups as Second Life. My experience is that Facebook and Myspace is more aimed towards kids and teenagers, whereas Second Life has a much wider audience both  as for age and geographical location.

The journalist also spice it up with adding a bunch of social media networks exclusively for Sweden that started off quite strongly but later on died out. If to compare something, at least a fair deal would be to have similar target groups as for age and geographical location. I started to read the article with interest but quickly got annoyed of what I feel is just empty words without any statistical fact behind the statements.

I firmly believe it is hard to compare Second Life to any of the social media that is mentioned in the article. Second Life is obviously a way to communicate, to connect, a social network simply. But, the big difference is, that Second Life provides so much more depth and possibilities, that a comparison between Facebook and Second Life becomes just ridiculous  Or, perhaps you can create and design buildings, avatars, clothes … and similar in Facebook now?

I believe all these negative predictions are wrong. I believe that Second Life does have a future and all the changes and new possibilities I saw highlighted in Second Life featured news from their official blog the other day proves me right. Second Life is developing and will provide even more opportunities.

To summarize, the definition of crisis doesn’t mean per default a negative development  A crisis is a turning point, a change, for worse … or for better! I believe the changes we are experiencing in Second Life right now, is just that. Through the crisis something better is developing.

Looking forward to 2013!

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  1. Second Life and Facebook and twitter!
    Today it´s easy to post from Second Life to Facebook and other social media.
    Why does so many try to make a fight between diferent media?
    Let them “socialize” with each other.
    We got the same thoughts about newspaper – internet or paper.
    Why? Let them work together in a modern world.

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