Month: January 2013

Love Fairy, Pocket Avatars latest release

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a new release from Pocket Avatars, the Love Fairy! As all of the other Pocket Avatars, this petite little fairy has a highly detailed mesh body and is not bigger then about 1/4 (0.3 m) of the default Second Life avatar.

This fairy comes includes all you see on the picture below, that is rigged mesh body, eyes,  butterfly wings, hair, HUD with 3 skin options, scripted fairy dust (heart trail or sparkles) and the option to hide or show the feet.

Please note, the Pocket Avatars are unique small mesh avatars designed by Lutricia Roux and are NOT exported from the Second Life mesh. Notice the highly detailed mesh feet for example.

Visit Pocket Avatars in-world or have a look at Second Life marketplace, both offer FREE demos! Please try yours and do contact me with any questions you may have!


Love fairy from Pocket Avatars in Second Life


Live music and sales in Second Life!

Live music show, gifts and sale! At Saturday 26th January 8-10 PM PDT Making Magic is having an event with lots of give-aways and store discounts. Pocket Avatars are participating! Come join!

Live music in Second LifeI have submitted 2 gift vouchers as give-aways to some lucky visitor during the event and will offer an exclusive discount on everything in the store for group members of the Second Life group Pocket Avatars during the time of the event! None members will get 10% of everything in the store.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for great shopping bargains at the same time you are enjoying some great live music performers!

More information of the event can be found below. LIMO to the event for your convenience:


Making Magic is pleased to present two guitarists and Vocalists for a two hour live music show. Come join us in the park to hear Gregellistoronto and Starrfish Ohmai.

GregEllisToronto is a Toronto-based singer and guitarist, performing in SL since Aug 2011. Mixing acoustic rock with splashes of folk and country, Greg delivers a set of quiet introspective songs, ranging from 70’s to present.

With a stellar presence, Starr’s voice is sultry and smooth, Starrfish Ohmai is pure sweetness with a touch of fun. A singer and budding songwriter with several live performances a week with an extensive songlist.

There will be give-aways and lots of store discounts right across the mall, with some stores offering 50% discount for all purchases made for the duration of the event.

Come spend a couple of hours with us, all residents, big and small are welcome.



Valentine’s Days Luxury Kits!

Surprise your loved one with a luxury Valentine’s Day date! All the kits of this set are packed in beautiful heart shaped gift boxes with transfer permissions! Available both in-world Second Life in the main store as well as on Second Life Marketplace (click on each add below for listing).

All you see on the advert pictures below is included, that is:


Warm and cosy bathrobes with matching puffy slippers, five different sizes. One set for the Gentlemen and one for the ladies! All in mesh, slippers are unrigged mesh. Alpha layer, resize script for the slippers and shoe base included.

Each set packed in a separate heart shaped gift box, meaning you can buy it for your loved one and invite him/her on a surprise Valentine’s Day date!


4 scripted champagne glasses, scripted with bubble effect as well as three built in animations (hold, sip, toast). Wear to activate, touch to change.
A separate ice bucket containing a luxurious bottle of champagne, positioned on a silvery stand.

Then, depending on your choice, you get either a Jacuzzi or an old style bathtub.


Consist of two versions, one decorated with candles and spa flowers, one without. Menu driven animation engine with option to adjust both rotation and position. Including two couple cuddle poses (Bath her and Lap kiss) plus some single poses.

Valentine's Day Luxury Kit - Jacuzzi
Valentine’s Day Luxury Kit – Jacuzzi


Discrete steam and gentle rose petals floating in the water. Includes a romantic and sensual couple animation (Bath her).

Valentine's Day Luxury Kit - Old style bathtub
Valentine’s Day Luxury Kit – Old style bathtub

Would you like a customized set, for example include note-card, other items etc, please contact me, I’m willing to arrange that for you free of charge!


Valentine’s Day Teddy Bears!

Valentine’s Day Teddy Bears available! This collection of Second Life Marketplace in three different fur colors is the latest release from Twinkle bits. The bear comes either in a couple or a single bear, both versions holding a big puffy heart which can emits small red heart as you click on it.

Both editions also comes with the option to play a romantic song, the couple has even two songs to play! Simply touch the bears head and it start to play, turn it of as easy. Both sets includes the song “When you’re smiling” with Louis Armstrong, the couple also has an instrumental Chet Baker version of “My funny Valentine”.

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones, packed in a stylish heart shaped box in mesh, emitting small, discrete fireflies as it is rezzed. Available both at the Second Life Marketplace as well as in the main store in-world!

The Valentine’s Day Teddy Bears are created in 100 % mesh, unique and original design by Lutricia Roux. You will not find this in any full perm package!

If you would like a customized heart gift box or perhaps include something more in your gift before you send it, please send me a message and I’ll be happy to arrange that for you.

Happy shopping and upcoming Valentine’s Day!

Second Life Marketplace Valentine’s Day Bear White fur Second Life Marketplace Valentine’s Day Bear Couple White fur Second Life Marketplace Valentine’s Day Bear Grey fur Second Life Marketplace Valentine’s Day Bear Couple Grey fur Second Life Marketplace Valentine’s Day Bear Couple Brown fur Second Life Marketplace Valentine’s Day Bear Couple Brown fur


What a day!

A day full of oddities. Some sad, some amusing.

First out. Snow, lots of it! The Aussie expat keeps repeating, louder and louder, to himself mostly I think, maybe it calms him down (I’m so in trouble when he will read this) but sometimes he includes me and the cat too. “We will all die. The white stuff is here again! 10 minus Celsius?! We will all die! …”

I listened briefly to the news and heard some comments about that someone had driven a train straight in to a house. A house?! A train?! I thought, I must have misheard. I listen further to the news as I was working on some new ideas in Second Life. It was true. Believe it or not, someone had stolen (!) a train and crashed it into a house. Luckily no one was seriously injured. But, a train, why? It isn’t like to steal a sport-scar, really. But I guess, if you are going to do something, you better do it properly. Unfortunately there was a house in the way …

I continued to work and again the news got my attention. A wolf in the centre of the city close to where we live had been spotted. I laughed to myself, thinking, aha, the “I seen the wolf rumour” has spread to our city too. There were reports of a wolf further down south last week, which in itself is rather unusual. Therefore my thoughts were, people will start to see wolfs in each corner now I suppose. But the reports kept coming on the local radio station and I realized it was actually yet another wolf they spotted. How nice, one of my favourite animals, although very rare and almost died out  in Sweden a couple of years ago because of the massive hunt of them.

Then to the more sad news, the biggest car crash I ever heard of in the south of Sweden. They reported about 100 cars was involved, 15-20 people injured and suspicions of 3 dead. I just saw the late evening news and the chaos was horrifying. It is hard to imagine it is real, even after seeing the mess on the television. Apparently the highway was extremely icy and the fog so thick they couldn’t see more then a couple of meter in front of them. But 100 cars? It is hard to take in. My thoughts are with those affected.

So little it takes and everything changes.
Carpe diem.


Cat woman, first Pocket Avatar with Sci-Fi theme!

Catwoman from Pocket Avatars in Second Life

A tiny and petite Cat Woman! The first Pocket Avatar with Sci-Fi theme is now available both in the main shop in-world Second Life as well as on the marketplace!

Unique small mesh avatar, highly detailed mesh, this time as the super hero Cat Woman! Perfect for role play, who says you have to be big to be a super hero?

The avatar comes with a gun that has three gun poses, touch it and control them by a menu. Easy and user friendly! The gun strapped to the thigh can be hidden by a simple click on it and as easy visible again!

You get two masks, one eye mask that you wear with the long black hair included. One that is a full cat woman hood, worn without hair. The skin and body suit HUD lets you change between the black body suit and a human skin with the option for hide/show the feet.

Gorgeous high heel stiletto ankle boots in mesh is also included!


SALE for small mesh avatars, come look!

Sale for small mesh avatars, come look! The sale runs from 12 AM Friday 11 January to 12 PM Monday 14 January. Hurry up to grab your bargain! Click on the pictures for links direct to the items! See also previous post about My 60L secret. Happy shopping!

Submission to my 60L item!

SALE! Pocket Avatars participating in My 60L secret!


Discount in-world!

SALE! Pocket Avatars 33% discount item!


Faeline Fairy Wings in the main store!

Faeline Fairy Wings at Pocket Avatars in Second LifeI’m happy to inform you that the beautiful Faeline Fairy Wings are available in the main store! Find the vendor just inside the Pocket Avatars shop, beside Twinklekiss, who also is modelling one pair of flapping wings for you!

The Faeline Fairy Wings fits both big and small avatars, full of features and very easy to use. Control how the flap, their brightness and glow and even optional chat when someone touches your wings!

All features, including premade sizing options for avatar sizes, are totally menu controlled. I can highly recommend these beautiful fairy wings for your Pocket Avatar as well as any big avatar.

Limo for your convenience here: Faeline Fairy Wings at Pocket Avatars main store!




Free advertising space available!

Free advertising space at Lutricias LuxuriesDo you have a business or service you wish to promote? This is a great opportunity to get extra promotion, for free! I just put up some advertise boards at the main store location in Second Life!

As a start, the one outside the store are free of charge! The more that are interested, the higher the price will be for new advertisers. Hurry up to grab your spot! I also have a couple inside the shop, for a very low price to start with.

I have quite high traffic and the advert spaces are placed just around the main landing spot, great exposure to anyone that visit the store!

Please contact me if you have any questions. Limo here: Free advertising space available!


Maternity outfits, complete sets for pregnant women!

Maternity outfits is a new collection available at Twinkle babe, an addition to the already existing mesh babies!

Stay beautiful, attractive and well dressed while you are going through your pregnancy!

Be smart! Many of the items can be worn after your pregnancy as well!

First out is a complete maternity for warm weather and sunny days! This outfit includes 2 rigged mesh dresses plus a pair of stylish and comfortable ballerina flats in cream coloured soft leather. The dress moves softly with your body without any irritating seams that rubs against your belly.

You are encouraged to Second Life Marketplace (1 L for the gift option) demo for the 5 different sizes provided.

Maternity dress, shades of blue

Maternity outfits, dress, shades of blue


Maternity outfits, dress, shades of cream


Maternity outfits, dress, shades of pink


Next is an outfit for the autumn and winter season, the complete maternity outfit includes the following:
1 rigged mesh tunic with hood, knitted
2 pair of comfortable jeans (light/dark denim)
2 pair of flat rigged mesh suede over-knee boots
1 pair of suede and fur slippers
Several alpha layers
Shoe bases

Both the suede boots and the knit tunic is designed in rigged mesh and will move softly with your body. You are encouraged to Second Life Marketplace (1 L for the gift option) demo for the 5 different sizes provided.

The jeans has modify and copy options, change them as many times you like! The fur slippers are designed in mesh with a user-friendly re-size script plus separate alpha layer if needed.


Maternity outfits, grey knitwear, tunic


Maternity outfits, light grey knitwear, tunic


Maternity outfits, pink knitwear, tunic


Maternity outfits, redknitwear, tunic

Lastly, a limo to the collection at the Second Life Marketplace store! Contact me if you have any questions please!