Catwoman from Pocket Avatars in Second Life

A tiny and petite Cat Woman! The first Pocket Avatar with Sci-Fi theme is now available both in the main shop in-world Second Life as well as on the marketplace!

Unique small mesh avatar, highly detailed mesh, this time as the super hero Cat Woman! Perfect for role play, who says you have to be big to be a super hero?

The avatar comes with a gun that has three gun poses, touch it and control them by a menu. Easy and user friendly! The gun strapped to the thigh can be hidden by a simple click on it and as easy visible again!

You get two masks, one eye mask that you wear with the long black hair included. One that is a full cat woman hood, worn without hair. The skin and body suit HUD lets you change between the black body suit and a human skin with the option for hide/show the feet.

Gorgeous high heel stiletto ankle boots in mesh is also included!


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