A day full of oddities. Some sad, some amusing.

First out. Snow, lots of it! The Aussie expat keeps repeating, louder and louder, to himself mostly I think, maybe it calms him down (I’m so in trouble when he will read this) but sometimes he includes me and the cat too. “We will all die. The white stuff is here again! 10 minus Celsius?! We will all die! …”

I listened briefly to the news and heard some comments about that someone had driven a train straight in to a house. A house?! A train?! I thought, I must have misheard. I listen further to the news as I was working on some new ideas in Second Life. It was true. Believe it or not, someone had stolen (!) a train and crashed it into a house. Luckily no one was seriously injured. But, a train, why? It isn’t like to steal a sport-scar, really. But I guess, if you are going to do something, you better do it properly. Unfortunately there was a house in the way …

I continued to work and again the news got my attention. A wolf in the centre of the city close to where we live had been spotted. I laughed to myself, thinking, aha, the “I seen the wolf rumour” has spread to our city too. There were reports of a wolf further down south last week, which in itself is rather unusual. Therefore my thoughts were, people will start to see wolfs in each corner now I suppose. But the reports kept coming on the local radio station and I realized it was actually yet another wolf they spotted. How nice, one of my favourite animals, although very rare and almost died out  in Sweden a couple of years ago because of the massive hunt of them.

Then to the more sad news, the biggest car crash I ever heard of in the south of Sweden. They reported about 100 cars was involved, 15-20 people injured and suspicions of 3 dead. I just saw the late evening news and the chaos was horrifying. It is hard to imagine it is real, even after seeing the mess on the television. Apparently the highway was extremely icy and the fog so thick they couldn’t see more then a couple of meter in front of them. But 100 cars? It is hard to take in. My thoughts are with those affected.

So little it takes and everything changes.
Carpe diem.


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