Surprise your loved one with a luxury Valentine’s Day date! All the kits of this set are packed in beautiful heart shaped gift boxes with transfer permissions! Available both in-world Second Life in the main store as well as on Second Life Marketplace (click on each add below for listing).

All you see on the advert pictures below is included, that is:


Warm and cosy bathrobes with matching puffy slippers, five different sizes. One set for the Gentlemen and one for the ladies! All in mesh, slippers are unrigged mesh. Alpha layer, resize script for the slippers and shoe base included.

Each set packed in a separate heart shaped gift box, meaning you can buy it for your loved one and invite him/her on a surprise Valentine’s Day date!


4 scripted champagne glasses, scripted with bubble effect as well as three built in animations (hold, sip, toast). Wear to activate, touch to change.
A separate ice bucket containing a luxurious bottle of champagne, positioned on a silvery stand.

Then, depending on your choice, you get either a Jacuzzi or an old style bathtub.


Consist of two versions, one decorated with candles and spa flowers, one without. Menu driven animation engine with option to adjust both rotation and position. Including two couple cuddle poses (Bath her and Lap kiss) plus some single poses.

Valentine's Day Luxury Kit - Jacuzzi
Valentine’s Day Luxury Kit – Jacuzzi


Discrete steam and gentle rose petals floating in the water. Includes a romantic and sensual couple animation (Bath her).

Valentine's Day Luxury Kit - Old style bathtub
Valentine’s Day Luxury Kit – Old style bathtub

Would you like a customized set, for example include note-card, other items etc, please contact me, I’m willing to arrange that for you free of charge!


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