Live music show, gifts and sale! At Saturday 26th January 8-10 PM PDT Making Magic is having an event with lots of give-aways and store discounts. Pocket Avatars are participating! Come join!

Live music in Second LifeI have submitted 2 gift vouchers as give-aways to some lucky visitor during the event and will offer an exclusive discount on everything in the store for group members of the Second Life group Pocket Avatars during the time of the event! None members will get 10% of everything in the store.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for great shopping bargains at the same time you are enjoying some great live music performers!

More information of the event can be found below. LIMO to the event for your convenience:


Making Magic is pleased to present two guitarists and Vocalists for a two hour live music show. Come join us in the park to hear Gregellistoronto and Starrfish Ohmai.

GregEllisToronto is a Toronto-based singer and guitarist, performing in SL since Aug 2011. Mixing acoustic rock with splashes of folk and country, Greg delivers a set of quiet introspective songs, ranging from 70’s to present.

With a stellar presence, Starr’s voice is sultry and smooth, Starrfish Ohmai is pure sweetness with a touch of fun. A singer and budding songwriter with several live performances a week with an extensive songlist.

There will be give-aways and lots of store discounts right across the mall, with some stores offering 50% discount for all purchases made for the duration of the event.

Come spend a couple of hours with us, all residents, big and small are welcome.



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