Lumiya Viewer is a Second Life viewer that runs on your phone (Android phones and tablets), support mesh and is RLV compatible. Lumiya Viewer is also officially listed in the Third Party Viewer Directory for alternative viewers. Christmas for Second Life addicts, as you can access it basically where ever you go.

StampThe creators of Lumiya recently did an update to version 2.4.2 which included some bug fixes for mesh items, such as incorrect rendering for rigged mesh items plus reduced memory usage for mesh items. In the update a new feature of avatar direction indicator on the minimap has been included. If you do not already have it and would like to download it for your phone, you will find the application with more information and usage requirements on Google Play.

I already have Lumiya Viewer installed on my phone but have not used it that much yet. I can see how it has greatly improved since last time I tried it though. The main features I am interested in and the reason I installed in in the first place, is the possibility to handle actions related to my business in Second Life. For example to be able to quickly reply to customers questions through IM or note card, send items etc. I have not yet tried to navigate around the grid with it but from the home position I can see it loads the environment including rigged mesh apparel very well. Other features are for example interact with objects in your surroundings, HUDs you might be wearing, change outfit, manage inventory, message groups, accept given items, send friend requests etc.

It is the best of the few mobile applications for Second Life I seen so far and the creator has done a good job including so much functionality in such a small application. Every update has included some new features and improved its performance.

Have you tried Lumiya Viewer yourself, what is your experiences and thoughts?

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