Latest release from Twinkle Babe mesh babies is the Vampire baby!

A newborn infant, highly detailed, interactive and animated, vampire baby in mesh! When awake, the baby will move and blink, both as you hold it and as it rest in its coffin. Interact with it and hear it give a mixture of charming baby sound combined with some spooky vampire sounds now and then.

Choose to let it have the soother or show of its fangs with traces of blood around the mouth. Take a walk with the stroller and choose if you want to have some bats flying around you or not, optional usage. Put it to rest in the baby’s own little coffin, help it to fall asleep or just admire it play and “talk” to you.

Please see full description here. You are encouraged to try a demo (free in-world, 1L at the marketplace for gift option) for best experience of the Vampire baby!

Vampire baby from Twinkle Babe in Second Life


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