“I don’t have pet peeves – I have major psychotic fucking hatreds” ~ G. Carlin


Joining in another Second Life meme from Strawberry Singh, My SL Pet Peeves Meme. See also previous post, my Seven SL Facts.

Meme instructions: Share your top five SL pet peeves. Don’t forget to link your post in the comments so I can come read!

My top five pet peeves in Second Life? Ha! Love the idea, wining, complaining, venting and ranting, great fun! ;) No problem, I do this one quickly I thought, until I discovered my more then 5000 hangups and that picking only 5 will be a challenge … so instead, I simply wrote down the first five that came to mind.

1. Random friendship requests

Random friendship requests from total strangers.I am very asocial and strongly doubt that you want to develope a “friendship” with me minding I will hardly ever IM you for a meaningless chit chat. Friendship develops from contact, not just because you send a request for it. Apart from that, WHY do you want to friend me when we are strangers to each others anyhow? What is in it for you? If you want to see when I am online, my profile shows you or use a gadget to keep track of my status if you are so inclined.

2. Empty IM

Messages with only a hi, hello, are you there … Again, why? Why does it matter if I am there or not, online or offline? Your message will reach me and I will respond when I can, online or offline, it doesn’t matter. If I’m offline the message goes to my email. Even better, if you state what you want, I can also respond faster since I know what the issue is.

3. Shout out greetings on clubs and events

Host/hostess shouting a greeting phrase as soon as you arrive after a teleport to an event or club. I know, your gadget either told you I arrived or it sends messages in your name. Either way, it is a clear sign of laziness and carelessness of both the club owner and the staff. When I started in Second Life I worked for quite a long time as hostess in several clubs and the ones sucessfull were only those forbidding us to use these gadgets and taught us how to stay alert, use your normal senses, minimap etc and great only when say within chat range. Yes it is a bit of work when the club is busy and you can’t sit and paint your fingernails at the same time … but this is what you are paid for, isn’t it? You will also see your tip amount increase … promise ;)

4. People not reading profiles

Really, if you haven’t done it before, I highly recommend it. Be brave, give it a try. You may even find quite a bit of useful information there. Like store policies or ways to best get in touch with me for fast reply … just a suggestion ;)

5. Calling me hun, dear, darling …

Stop it! To me, that is rude and insulting. Who gave you the right to call me these silly names? I have a name, use it!
I thought of this a bit and perhaps it is a culture difference? I’m swedish, we don’t use terms like that to strangers, it would be seen as a very derogation behaviour. But even so, my RL husband is Australian and I am sure he would never use these terms either, unless made with a very sarcastic tone of voice.
I have in my RL work been travelling quite a bit to the area of the Southeastern United States and noticed a frequent use of these terms here, perhaps it is the culture in the South?

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  1. You worded #2 so well, I wish I had done the same on my post, lol. I always get people saying they were checking if I was online and it’s true, what does it matter? Just say what you wanted to say and I’ll respond when I’m available! Anyhow, thanks for participating, great reading yours!

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