Avatar shape gallery of avatars as they are and live in-world Second Life. Find it at Strawberry Singhs Avatar Shape Gallery in Second Life at Alice in Cornelland.

Read about how it started on Strawberry Singhs blog post “What’s your Digits?” and participate in the event arranged by Vaneeesa Blaylock.

Find my contribution below. Take the time to participate, I promise you I had great fun both looking at all the other shapes plus doing my own pictures for the exhibit. Recommended!

Avatar shape gallery Lutricia Roux Front


Avatar shape gallery Lutricia Roux back

On the pictures I have skin Fair #03 from Exquisite skin collection by Deluxe Body Factory.

Below is a snapshot from the Avatar shape gallery, windlight settings from Strawberry Singhs blog post “Windlight settings“, download them and play with the wonderful effects.

Avatar shape gallery, Strawberry Singhs exhibition

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