Ivy fairy from Pocket Avatars in Second Life
Ivy fairy from Pocket Avatars

Pocket Avatars is a unique collection of highly detailed, rigged mesh avatars, petite and tiny in their size (about 0.38 m high only).

Please note, no exported mesh from SL have been used for the creation of any of the tiny Pocket Avatars (check the nice detailed feet).

All Pocket Avatars are originally created by Lutricia Roux and will never be sold in any full perm pack or in any other way available for other creators to mass-reproduce copies.

This guarantee you an unique and original tiny mesh avatar!

Included in the package:

– Rigged mesh body, about 0.38 m high
– Mesh eyes (unrigged)
– Prim attachments;
– Hanging ivy
– Pixie wings
– White flexible hair with resize script
– Sculpted pointy ears
– Optional (wear) scripted fairy dust that emit a trail of sparkles as you walk or fly
– Basic fairy AO (looped animation of fairy flight in fly mode)

Visit the main store in-world Second Life for a free demo or check out the Second Life Marketplace listings with the option to gift the demo or the full version to friends!


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