SLINK appliers for Deluxe Body Factory skins! Avatar enhancement for hands and feet are now available for the skins below. Both at the marketplace as well as in the main store in-world Second Life:

Click each picture below for the individual marketplace listings. Please contact me if you are insecure of which SLINK applier you need for your skin. General information of how the SLINK appliers work is available at Siddean Munroes site. Please note, neither mesh hands or mesh feet are included in these sets but are sold separately.

SLINK appliers 4 skin tones (Vanilla, Tan, Cocoa and Espresso)

SLINK appliers 4 skin tones

SLINK appliers 5 skin tones (Fair, Cream, Ivory, Tan and Noire)

SLINK applier Misaki

SLINK applier Porcelain

SLINK applier Kohana

SLINK appliers Sayuri

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