POE6 hunt gift Lucia from Deluxe Body Factory

POE6 hunt gift! POE6 is short for the Peace On Earth Hunt which starts 1th of December 2013 and will last until 6th of January 2014. The theme of the hunt is either the general “Peace on Earth” or a gift designed to highlight the seasonal tradition of your home country or origin of faith.

I chose to highlight a very loved and special tradition to my own culture for Deluxe Body Factory’s hunt gift, the Swedish Lucia. Included is the package is a shape, skin, eyes, Lucia crown, Lucia dress in rigged mesh with a separate belt created of prims.

Last but not least is a HUD with some suprises I won’t mention here plus an option to activate the Lucia pose hand animation. This animation is exlusively created by me for this event, it has priority 4 and should work good to combine with a walk animation of your choice.

Don’t miss out on this hunt, it is a very much appriciated event with lots of talented designer involved.

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