Month: February 2014

Emma skin, Womenstuff hunt gift

[DBF] Emma skin AD, a photo by Lutricia Roux on Flickr.

Deluxe Body Factory’s gift for Womenstuff (part of MEGAstuff) hunt in Second Life, starting March 1st 2014!

Check the details of the hunt here:

Snowdrop skin #2

Snowdrop skin #1

Kali skin : Black Elegance

Lorelei skin, Mysteries of the sea hunt

[DBF] Lorelei skin, a photo by Lutricia Roux on Flickr.

Deluxe Body Factory’s hunt gift for the “Mysteries of the sea” hunt, a 5L gridwide hunt in Second Life starting 10th March. Find all the details here:

Happy hunting!

Final Fantasy Festival with exclusive futuristic skins!

Final Fantasy Festival has started! Check out the exclusive futuristic skins from Deluxe Body Factory designed and only available here!

Teleport directly to the festival:

Calista skin including appliers


Phoenix skin including appliers


Sage skin including appliers Sage-skin-Final-Fantasy-Fair

Alexandria skin including appliersAlexandria-skin-Final-Fantasy-Fair

Style Icon – Audrey Hepburn inspired skins

The Style Icon Fair has opened! Check out the exclusives from Deluxe Body Factory below, Audrey Hepburn inspired skins.

All three skin packs includes a matching appliers pack (SLINK hands and feet, Lola Tango, Phat Azz plus Baby Bump).

Direct teleport!

Details of the Style Icon Fair can be found on the organizers website:

Audrey Hepburn inspired skin #1

Audrey Hepburn inspired skin #2

Audrey Hepburn inspired skin #3

February group gifts – Deluxe Body Factory skins!

February group gift from Deluxe Body Factory skins and shapes are now available! Come grab yours!

A male and a female skin, Wilhelm and Millie. Not a member yet? Click here to join: secondlife:///app/group/5d1f3417-9261-0a26-8ece-6b2e4b73c4ef/about

Membership is 250L which gives you a new monthly skin gift, access to all previous group gifts, access to Midnight Mania boards and Lucky Boards with skins plus other surprises and group discounts!

Teleport to the main store:

Feel free to send Lutricia Roux an IM if you have further questions please.

Millie-female-skin-February-group-gift-Deluxe-Body-Factory-Second-Life Wilhelm-male-skin-February-group-gift-Deluxe-Body-Factory-Second-Life

Romantic Nights Hunt, skin gift!

Romantic Nights Hunt has started! Deluxe Body Factory is participating with the hunt gift Freja, available in 1 skin tone with 3 breast options! Created exclusively for this hunt, grab it while it’s available!

Check out the organizers website for all the details for the hunt, including starting point and hunt hints:

Happy hunting!