Month: June 2014

SLINK Physique skin appliers for mesh body, hands and feet!

SLINK-Physique-skin-appliers-HUD-Deluxe-Body-Factory-in-Second-LifeOne click for hands, feet and SLINK Physique mesh body appliers! Deluxe Body Factory’s skin applier HUD matches all skins in the Exquisite skin collection (skin tones named fair, cream, ivory, tan and noire). Two breast options, subtle and cleavage boost.

The SLINK Physique skin appliers works with for example recently released Perla skin and shape or our appliers for SLINK Visage mesh head with matching body base included.

Teleport in-world:


Perla skin and shape – new release – exquisite collection



5 skin tones, 2 cleavage options each
4 make-up, 1 natural face. A total of 50 skins!

Modifiable shape
Brow shaper
Hide system lashes alpha layer

SLINK hands and feet
Lola Tango / Visage
Phat Azz
Baby Bump
Loud Mouth*

*Loud Mouth HUD included ALL lipstick options plus natural lips. Mix and match with the available make-ups for even more options!

Single make-up packs including all skin tones, modifiable shape plus appliers available in-world. Fat-pack available both at the marketplace as well as in-world Second Life.



Sweet treats hunt – gift skin Cotton candy!


Exclusively for the Sweet treats hunt, Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life has created the Cotton candy skin! The skin comes in one skin tone with 2 cleavage options.

Sweet treats hunt starts 15 June 2014, check out the details of the hunt here:

Fashion For Life – bloggers!

A big thank you to all bloggers for your hard work! Check out the amazing shots below, all featuring Deluxe Body Factory’s exclusive Fashion For Life skins in Second Life!

Teleport directly to Deluxe Body Factory’s sim at the event:

WGF 2014 - [ Sakide ] - Orison Cardigan


Why i relay


Deluxe Body Factory @ FFL!



Deluxe Body Factory’s VIP group gift June available!


For all VIP members of Deluxe Body Factory’s Second Life group, your new monthly group gift is now available! As always, it is both a male and a female skin, remember to activate your group tag first.

Not a member yet? You are missing out on great bargains and special offers! Lucky Chairs, Midnight Mania boards, special group discounts of new releases, store credit … and more surprises!

Join here (copy and paste in chat window of your viewer): secondlife:///app/group/5d1f3417-9261-0a26-8ece-6b2e4b73c4ef/about

Teleport in-world:




Fashion For Life 2014 – Deluxe Body Factory’s exclusives

Deluxe Body Factory’s exclusive skins and shapes for Fashion For Life 2014! The event open its gate for public on June 7th in-world Second Life!

The theme of the event is “Wanderlust”. For me, the word symbolize a journey. A joyful journey through all cultures all over the world. A love and respect for all the nationalities and different cultures I met. A celebration of the wanderlust I have within me, a celebration to life.

These skins are sold only at Fashion For Life, at least 15% of each sale will be donated to the American Cancer Society, Relay For Life.

Teleport directly to Deluxe Body Factory’s assigned sim and store:

Deluxe-Body-Factory-Skins-and-shapes-Fashion-For-Life-2014-Wanderlust-Second-Life Deluxe-Body-Factory-Fashion-For-Life-2014-Shereece-skin-shape-Second-LifeDeluxe-Body-Factory-Fashion-For-Life-2014-Sissela-skin-shape-Second-Life
Deluxe-Body-Factory-Fashion-For-Life-2014-Natsumi-skin-shape-Second-Life Deluxe-Body-Factory-Fashion-For-Life-2014-Ana-Maria-skin-shape-Second-Life