Deluxe Body Factory’s exclusive skins and shapes for Fashion For Life 2014! The event open its gate for public on June 7th in-world Second Life!

The theme of the event is “Wanderlust”. For me, the word symbolize a journey. A joyful journey through all cultures all over the world. A love and respect for all the nationalities and different cultures I met. A celebration of the wanderlust I have within me, a celebration to life.

These skins are sold only at Fashion For Life, at least 15% of each sale will be donated to the American Cancer Society, Relay For Life.

Teleport directly to Deluxe Body Factory’s assigned sim and store:

Deluxe-Body-Factory-Skins-and-shapes-Fashion-For-Life-2014-Wanderlust-Second-Life Deluxe-Body-Factory-Fashion-For-Life-2014-Shereece-skin-shape-Second-LifeDeluxe-Body-Factory-Fashion-For-Life-2014-Sissela-skin-shape-Second-Life
Deluxe-Body-Factory-Fashion-For-Life-2014-Natsumi-skin-shape-Second-Life Deluxe-Body-Factory-Fashion-For-Life-2014-Ana-Maria-skin-shape-Second-Life

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