Month: October 2014

Halloween gift – Hunky Dory skin



Halloween gift for Deluxe Body Factory VIP’s! Hunky Dory skin, inspired by Dia de los Muertos and in time for the upcoming holiday. Visit us in-world Second Life to grab yours!

Not a member yet? Copy and paste in chat to join group!
Group URL: secondlife:///app/group/5d1f3417-9261-0a26-8ece-6b2e4b73c4ef/about

Cost to join is 249L and gives access to ALL previous group gift skins, Midnight Mania and Lucky Boards with skins/shapes, discount on new releases plus other surprises.

Have fun!

Lena mesh body appliers!




Lena mesh body appliers are now available! The appliers are compatible with both Lena mesh body Perky as well as Lush. This release includes all skin tones of the Caucasian Poppy skin, Asian Masami skin and Afro-American Takira skin. The body mesh and applier works nice to combine with both SLINK hands and feet.

Visit Deluxe Body Factory in-world or check out the browse the Second Life marketplace (Poppy, Masami, Takira).

Please note, Lena mesh body is not included. Visit Kitties Lair if you haven’t purchased the mesh body yet.

Have fun!

TheMeshProject installer Afro-american skin Takira


TheMeshProject installer for the Afro-american skin Takira.Now available by popular demand! Check out this beautiful Ethnic skin in its full beauty with TheMeshProject installer.

Available both at the Second Life Marketplace as well as in-world Second Life.

Matching skin and modifiable shape is available here. A fat-pack with lots of make-up options. Two skin tones (cocoa and ebony) plus two cleavage options. Check out the previous post about Takira skin and shape too. Details about the SLINK Physique applier for Takira skin can be found here.

Visit us in-world Second Life to see the full range of products to beautify your avatar!


TheMeshProject body installer, Asian skin Masami



TheMeshProject body installer for their mesh figure, matching all Asian Masami skin tones from Deluxe Body Factory!

TheMeshProject body installer HUD
3 skin tones (milk, cream and fudge)

Available both at the Second Life Marketplace or in-world Second Life:

Note! TheMeshProjects body is not included!

The female Asian skin Masami comes in a huge fat-pack with lots of make-up options plus a realisically petite and skinny shape which you can modify to your needs. Check out previous post here or go directly to the Second Life Marketplace listing for Masami skin and modifiable shape (milk, cream or fudge). These skin tones perfectly matches the newly released installer for TheMeshProject body.

Remember to enable adult to see these items.

Visit Deluxe Body Factory in-world Second Life to see the whole range of high quality skins to beautify your avatar!


Asian cosplay skin for Cure-Con 2014


Asian cosplay skin Momo! Exclusively created by Deluxe Body Factory for Cure-Con 2014 in Second Life. The fair runs from 12th to 18th October,  all proceeds for Momo skin and shape #2 goes directly to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Teleport directly to the fair here:

You can read more about the fundraising organization Making strides on their blog. Please support them by Like their page on Facebook as well!

Asian cosplay skin Momo is also available at the fair in other make-up versions. All packs includes a modifiable shape, skin with make-up in one tone, appliers for SLINK hands and feet, SLINK Physique, Lola and Loud Mouth appliers.




Should you wish a darker skin tone, have a look at the previous release of Masami. 3 skin tones are available and there are lots of other make-up options.


October group gift!

[DBF]-Vera-skin-October group gift

[DBF]-Damien-skin-October group gift

October group gift is now available for all Deluxe Body Factory’s VIP members! A male skin Damien for the more mature gentleman and a female skin Vera with Halloween inspired make-up. SLINK hands and feet appliers, Lola Tango and Loud Mouth appliers included!

Not a member yet? Just copy and paste this line in chat (group URL): secondlife:///app/group/5d1f3417-9261-0a26-8ece-6b2e4b73c4ef/about and teleport directly:

Cost to join is 249L and gives access to ALL previous group gift skins, Midnight Mania and Lucky Boards with skins/shapes, discount on new releases plus other surprises.

If you have further questions about these skin, please contact me in Second Life (Lutricia Roux).

Have a great day ♥

My SLINK Obsession – 50% discount!




My SLINK Obsession in Second Life starts the 5th October! Check out the organizers website for all details.

Deluxe Body Factory is participating and is offering a new SLINK Visage applier set with 50% discount compared to normal price! Please note, only available at My SLINK Obsession at SLINK West in-world Second Life for the duration of the event, before it goes back to full price.

Teleport in-world Second Life:

The set of eyeliner and eyeshadow make-up is called “Silent Night”. A more heavy evening make-up, feel free to mix and match with previous SLINK Visage mesh head appliers for Poppy skin.

The applier HUD comes with 5 different eyeshadows, 5 lipsticks, 5 brow options and an option for natural eyes is included. All Poppy skin tones are available (sand, honey and chai) and can be perfectly matched with the previous SLINK Physique mesh body applier.

Also, check out the special Halloween edition, available at WEIB sales room.

Grab this new make-up while its on sale with a huge discount, enjoy!

WEIB sales room – 30% discount!

[DBF]-Poppy-SLINK-Visage-mesh-head-applier-Halloween-make-up-Sand-skin-WEIB sales room



WEIB sales room has started! Deluxe Body Factory offers these NEW SLINK Visage mesh head appliers with 30% discount! A special Halloween edition with 2 lipsticks, eyeshadow with eyeliner or natural eyes option. Teleport to WEIB sales room here:

The appliers are also available at the Second Life Marketplace (sand, honey, chai) as well as in-world Second Life (but without the discount) :)

Available in all 3 skin tones for a perfect match with Poppy skin and shape! Mix and match with previous releases of Poppy Visage appliers. SLINK Physique for Poppy skin separately available.

Grab it while it is on sale and be prepared for Halloween!

Room69 – Willow skin


Room69 is a monthly event showcasing top creators of Second Life, all in one room! Check the details of the organizers website:

Deluxe Body Factory’s is participating! The contribution to October round is Willow skin. The skin comes in one skin tone with 2 cleavage options plus matching Lola Tango appliers.

Please not that Willow skin is originally created for this event only and limited to be available during the time of the event!
Grab it while it is available, a bargain for only 69L!

Teleport to Room69:

Have fun!