TheMeshProject body installer for their mesh figure, matching all Asian Masami skin tones from Deluxe Body Factory!

TheMeshProject body installer HUD
3 skin tones (milk, cream and fudge)

Available both at the Second Life Marketplace or in-world Second Life:

Note! TheMeshProjects body is not included!

The female Asian skin Masami comes in a huge fat-pack with lots of make-up options plus a realisically petite and skinny shape which you can modify to your needs. Check out previous post here or go directly to the Second Life Marketplace listing for Masami skin and modifiable shape (milk, cream or fudge). These skin tones perfectly matches the newly released installer for TheMeshProject body.

Remember to enable adult to see these items.

Visit Deluxe Body Factory in-world Second Life to see the whole range of high quality skins to beautify your avatar!


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