TheMeshProjects head installer is now available for all Poppy skin tones! It is available in three skin tones, sand, honey and chai. The installer will give you options for eyebrows, eyeshadows and lipsticks. Since it is layered, it enables you to mix and match as you please, endless combinations!

An option for natural face without any make-up to combine with either shadows or lipstick only is also included, as well as a browless option.

To sum it up, included for each skin tone you get the following:

Face installer – a natural face with no brows option.
Eyebrows installer – 5 eyebrow options (ash, ginger, auburn, chestnut and jet) for Poppy skin in the skin tone of your choice.
Lipstick installer – 10 lipstick options for the skin tone of your choice.
Eyeshadow installer – 6 eyeshadows for the skin tone of your choice.

For matching body installer and the regular skin and shape for Poppy, see previous posts (Poppy skin and shape, TheMeshProject body installer).

TheMeshProject head installer for Poppy skins is available either at Second Life Marketplace (sand, honey and chai) or in Deluxe Body Factory’s main store in-world Second Life.

Please understand that you need to own TheMeshProjects mesh head for this installer to work.

Below is some examples of make-up options plus all the eyebrow options. TheMeshBody head used for all photos is “Fierce”.



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