Room69 Winter Fair will open 1st December and last until 20th December. Deluxe Body Factory offers Winter themed make-up installers for Poppy skin. Wear them with your TheMeshProjects head or use tattoo layers for regular avatars, only 69L!


Installers for #TMP, TheMeshProject, mesh head. Mix and match with other make-up options!
– 1 eyeshadow installer
– 2 lipstick installers

Tattoo layers for regular avatars, several options to mix and match!
– 1 eyeshadow
– 2 lipsticks
– 2 combined makeups, eyeshadow with each lipstick on a single tattoo layer

More information about Poppy skin can be found here: Poppy skin, Poppy TMP mesh head installers, Poppy TMP mesh body installers

Also, a special Christmas gift is available at Room69! For only 1L, grab this smaragd green eyeshadow with eyeliner! Includes eyeshadow installers for #TMP mesh head plus tattoo layer for regular avatars!


Grab these bargains now before they are gone! Teleport in Second Life:

Last, remember to check out Room69’s blog for more information about the event:

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