Dark skin tones for Poppy is now available due to popular demand. The two new dark skin tones are toffee and mocha. Get your avatar a slightly darker skin tone, more towards hispanic, latino or deep tan.

This edition comes in several options. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between the #TheMeshProject skin pack or the regular skin and shape pack.

Skin and shape pack for regular avatars, skin tone Toffee and shape Poppy shown

Regular skin and shape pack

Skins with clean, natural face without brows and 2 cleavage options

4 eyebrows on tattoo layer (ash, ginger, auburn and jet)
10 lipstick options on tattoo layer
6 eyeshadow options on tattoo layer

Modifiable shape
Brow shaper
Hide system lashes alpha layer

Appliers pack:
#TheMeshProject mesh body (incl. hands and feet)
SLINK Physique mesh body
SLINK mesh hands and feet
Lena Mesh body
Lola Tango / Visage
Baby Bump

Matching #TMP head installers for TheMeshProjects mesh head is separately available, see below.


#TheMeshProject skin pack

Installer for TheMeshProjects head and body.
Available for Poppy skin tones in toffee and mocha!

The installer has layers for eyebrows, eyeshadow and lipsticks.
Mix and match as you please, endless combinations!

Make-up example #1 – displayed on #TMP mesh head Fierce
Make-up example #2 – displayed on #TMP mesh head Fierce

Included for each skin tone:

Face installer – a natural face with no brows option
Eyebrows installer – 4 eyebrow options
Lipstick installer – 10 lipstick options
Eyeshadow installer – 6 eyeshadows
Body installer – 2 cleavage options, hands and feet appliers

#TMP mesh body installers
5 eyebrow options – displayed on #TMP mesh head Fierce

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