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Belleza Venus appliers, displayed in honey skin tone with Belleza hands and feet

Belleza Venus appliers for the Poppy skin line! Now available in all 5 skin tones (sand, honey, chai, toffee and mocha). Teleport in Second Life to Deluxe Body Factory’s shop to get yours: or visit our Second Life Marketplace store: (remember to enable “Adult” to see all our items).

The applier comes with 2 body options included. The first option is designed for usage with Belleza Venus own hands and feet, as they are combined with the body. The other option is designed for usage with the Belleza Venus SLINK body. That is the body without hands and feet, separate SLINK mesh hands and feet worn.

If you change to the cleavage option of the mesh body, you will also notice that the Belleza Venus appliers have an enhanced cleavage boost version included. SLINK appliers are included for each skin tone.

The Belleza Venus appliers matches all the previous released skin and appliers pack for Poppy skin line, for example #TheMeshProjects mesh head installer and SLINK Visage mesh head applier. Please note that neither the mesh body nor the mesh hands or feet are included.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact either Lutricia Roux or DeluxeBodyFactorySupport Resident for assistance.

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