Maitreya appliers Poppy skin line by Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life
Maitreya appliers for Poppy skin line, honey skin tone, natural face


Maitreya appliers Asian skin line Masami by Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life
Maitreya appliers for Asian skin Masami, cream skin tone, natural face

Maitreya appliers available! The first Maitreya Lara mesh body appliers are for Poppy skin line plus the Asian skin line Masami and more will follow! Check out the beautiful body here:

The Maitreya appliers are designed for usage with the Lara mesh body’s own hands and feet. The skin of your choice will be applied to body, hands and feet at the same time. There is also an option to wear the body only combined with SLINK mesh hands and feet, therefore matching SLINK appliers is included as well!

You will also notice that the Maitreya Lara appliers have an enhanced cleavage boost version included.

Shop online at the Second Life Marketplace (enable Adult please):  or visit Deluxe Body Factory in-world Second Life:

The Maitreya Lara appliers matches all the previous released skin and appliers pack for each skin line. I experimented with the body and find that it fits very nice with the retro fit for #TheMeshProjects mesh head installer (see previous post for #TMP Poppy and #TMP Masami or the regular skin and shape for Poppy and Masami).

Please note that neither the mesh body nor the mesh hands or feet are included.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions, have fun!

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