Month: January 2015

Kawaii skin Momo for Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt


Kawaii skin Momo is an Asian female skin with slanted almond shaped eyes. Available as a 5L hunt gift for Cupcakes Anonymous hunt. This is a perfect hunt for Kawaii lovers and people who adore cuteness! The hunt starts February 1st to 28th, 2015 and the theme is Kawaii Cupid (Valentine’s Day done Kawaii style)!

Would you be interested in other similar Asian female skins, check out Masami, a darker skin version of Momo with a modifiable slim Asian female shape, different make-up options, TMP head and body appliers, Maitreya Lara appliers and more!

Available in Deluxe Body Factory’s shop inworld or at the Second Life Marketplace (remember to enable adult to see all the items).

Happy hunting!

… forgot to mention, the hint is “Stairways to heaven …” ;)

Afro-American skin Shawna at Penumbra Sneak Peek

Afro-American Skin Shawna Penumbra Sneak Peak

Afro-American skin Shawna, available ONLY at Penumbra Sneak Peek! An exclusive, monthly, fashion and creativity event! You will have 10 magnificent days to shop and scout the latest trends! Timeline 25th January – 5th February. For the January event, Deluxe Body Factory offers an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming Afro-American skin line, Shawna skin in Ebony skin tone with an exclusive colorful makeup!

After this preview period, Shawna skin will be released in a full version, including a modifiable shape, 2 skin tones, cleavage options, make-ups on tattoo layer, SLINK, Maitreya, #TMP and Lola appliers to mention a few. There will also be mesh head appliers available for SLINK Visage and TMP mesh head, with options to mix and match the different make-up options!

A special discount ticket is included that will give you 30% discount on the upcoming new release!

Grab this bargain now before the official release! Be first with the latest! Teleport in Second Life:

Check out all the details at the Penumbra sneak peek blog:

Make-up for Asian skin Masami

Make-up pack #1


Make-up pack #2


Make-up for Asian skin Masami now available! Due to popular demand, there are two cosmetic kits for the Asian skin line Masami. Each pack includes 10 creamy lipsticks, 1 eyeliner and 1 set of dark chestnut eyebrows.

They are available both at Second Life Marketplace as well as Deluxe Body Factory’s main store in-world.
Shop online! Masami make-up pack #1 and Masami make-up pack #2

Remember to keep those requests coming, enjoy!

Skin gift January – Deluxe Body Factory VIPs!

Shawna skin – January group gift © 2015 Deluxe Body Factory. All rights reserved.


Arvid skin – January group gift © 2015 Deluxe Body Factory. All rights reserved.


Skin gift for Deluxe Body Factory VIPs for January are now available!

Find female Afro American skin Shawna and male skin Arvid. Shawna has a new face but the body will match the previous release of Takira skin in Cocoa tone. Takira also have lots of appliers available such as SLINK Physique and #TheMeshProject. Shawna and Arvid are both teasers for a new upcoming new skin lines, especially Arvid will add a lots of new options for men, such as shape, several body hair and face hair option plus of course SLINK appliers and #TMP installers.

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Teleport directly to Deluxe Body Factory’s shop in Second Life:

Not a member yet?! You are missing out on lots of goodies! Cost to join is 299L and gives access to ALL previous group skin gift, Midnight Mania and Lucky Boards with skins, shapes, discount on new releases plus other surprises.

Copy and paste in your chat to join group!
Group URL: secondlife:///app/group/5d1f3417-9261-0a26-8ece-6b2e4b73c4ef/about


anyBODY – for applier lovers

anyBODY is the new “MUST GO” event for applier lovers. Arranged by Flair for events, a quote from their pressrelease:

Appliers are not associated with only busty girls anymore. Any kind of women… small, big, tall, curvy, skinny… can now enjoy wearing body enhancements like boobs, booties, mesh bodies, hands, etc. Appliers are for anyBODY!

Each round will starts the 7th at 7AM SLT until the end of the month.

Deluxe Body Factory is proud to announce our body enhancements available ONLY at anyBODY!

  • Jahne Doe – TheMeshProject head and body installers
  • Samantha – TheMeshProject head and body installers, SLINK Visage and Physique appliers

All the exlusives includes both head and body appliers/installers plus a body base (regular avatar skin for all combos of mesh body, head and SLAV).

Teleport directly:

anyBODY exclusive #1 – Jahne Doe – TheMeshProject head and body installers

Jahne Doe – wearing TMP basic body and TMP deluxe head Fierce


Jahne Doe – TMP basic body and TMP head Fierce


anyBODY exclusive #2 – Samantha – SLINK Visage and Physique

Samantha – worn on SLINK Visage head Emma with Physique body


Samantha – worn with SLINK Visage head Emma and Physique body

anyBODY exclusive #3 – Samantha – TheMeshProject head and body installers

Samantha, worn with #TheMeshProjects head Fierce and basic mesh body


Samantha, worn with #TheMeshProjects head Fierce and basic body


My SLINK Obsession – Jahne Doe

My-SLINK-Obsession-Jahne-Doe-Visage-Physique-face-AD-Deluxe-Body-Factory-Second-Life My-SLINK-Obsession-Jahne-Doe-Visage-Physique-body-AD-Deluxe-Body-Factory-Second-Life

My SLINK Obsession January opens the 5th. Deluxe Body Factory offers a special new release with 50% discount during the time of the event! Check out SLINK Visage and SLINK Physique appliers Jahne Doe! A slightly androgyn skin, pale and ghostly. The full version will include shapes and flat chest tattoos amongts other things.

The special release for My SLINK Obsession event includes a combined SLINK Visage and SLINK Physique HUD, one click for all mesh parts! A matching body base is also included – a regular avatar skin. Wear the body base with your mesh head or mesh body if you don’t combine them at once.

SLINK applies for hands and feet are also included in the HUD.

Teleport to My SLINK Obsession here:, check out the organizers blog for what more bargains you may find:

Have fun!