My-SLINK-Obsession-Jahne-Doe-Visage-Physique-face-AD-Deluxe-Body-Factory-Second-Life My-SLINK-Obsession-Jahne-Doe-Visage-Physique-body-AD-Deluxe-Body-Factory-Second-Life

My SLINK Obsession January opens the 5th. Deluxe Body Factory offers a special new release with 50% discount during the time of the event! Check out SLINK Visage and SLINK Physique appliers Jahne Doe! A slightly androgyn skin, pale and ghostly. The full version will include shapes and flat chest tattoos amongts other things.

The special release for My SLINK Obsession event includes a combined SLINK Visage and SLINK Physique HUD, one click for all mesh parts! A matching body base is also included – a regular avatar skin. Wear the body base with your mesh head or mesh body if you don’t combine them at once.

SLINK applies for hands and feet are also included in the HUD.

Teleport to My SLINK Obsession here:, check out the organizers blog for what more bargains you may find:

Have fun!

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