Valentines Day makeup! Only 69L for #TMP installers and tattoo layers!


Valentines Day makeup! Room69 is open 1st – 20th February 2015. Deluxe Body Factory offers 3 Valentines Day makeup for only 69L! They come as #TMP installers and regular tatto layer makeup. Specially designed for Poppy skin but will work with the most common avatars skins and shapes. Please try the demo provided.

Included in each makeup pack:

Installers for #TMP, TheMeshProject mesh head. Mix and match with other make-up options!
– 3 eyeshadows
– 3 lipsticks

Tattoo layers for regular avatars, several options to mix and match!
– 3 eyeshadows
– 3 lipsticks
– 3 combined makeups, eyeshadow and lipstick

More information about Poppy skin can be found here: Poppy skin, Poppy TMP mesh head installers, Poppy TMP mesh body installers

Grab these bargains now before they are gone! Teleport in Second Life:
Remember to check out Room69’s blog for more information about the event:

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