Africa my love – all 3 makeups available at Womenstuff sales room!
Africa my love – makeup no. 1
Africa my love – makeup no.2
Africa my love – makeup no.3

Africa my love, a special edition of the Afro-American skin line Shawna by Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life! This is a limited version sold with 30 % discount at Womenstuff sales room. It will not be available as a single or fatpack with all special makeups later. If you like it, you better go and grab it now before it is gone!

Included in each makeup pack is a skin with colorful makeup on – ebony skin tone, one breast option, one skin tone and matching SLINK hands and feet appliers.

Africa my love also includes a fatpack with all 3 skins together with another additional discount on the already low price! Don’t miss out, visit Womenstuff special sales room with African theme today, teleport in Second Life:

Come beautify your avatar!

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