Valentine’s Day Shopping List!

Find the bargains and specials from Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life, quick and easy with our handy wrap up!

♥ FREE Valentine’s Day skin! Female skin Valentia, dollarbie at the MP for gifting to your friends, free inworld!


Shop online:


♥ Adorable original mesh Love bears with a romantic song option!


Shop online – single bear: online – couple bears: online – cuddle bear:


♥ Gorgeous Afro-American skin Shawna. Special limited edition, ”Africa my love” and dicounted price!


ONLY available inworld! TP:


♥ Cute Valentine’s Day makeups for #TMP, SLINK and tattoo layers for regular avatars!

#TMP, tattoo layers



SLINK Visage Poppy skin line


Shop online: Sand, Honey and Chai


♥ Valentine’s Day Luxury kit with Jacuzzi!

Shop online:


♥ Valentine’s Day Luxury kit with Bathtub!

Shop online:



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