Daichi male Asian skin installers for The Mesh Project – classic mesh head worn – click to shop online!

The Mesh Project male Asian head and body installers now available! Head, body and facial hair installers included!

Daichi, an athletic and well toned Asian skin for The Mesh Project male mesh head and body. The colletion has 3 skin tones to choose from (sand, almond or oak). Includes in each single set is a face installer with 5 different facial hair options and matching body skin installers.

You can also grab The Mesh Project male skin installers as a fat-pack and get 30% discount compared to single purchases!

Almond skin tone, no facial hair, classic mesh head from TheMeshProject worn

Shop online or visit Deluxe Body Factory’s inworld store in Second Life. Teleport here:

TheMeshProject male skin installers – 5 facial hair options included!

Pick and choose your style!

3 skin tones to choose from!

From the left: Oak, almond and sand skin tone
Sand skin tone – click to shop online!
Almond skin tone – click to shop online!
Oak skin tone – click to shop online!

Want even more The Mesh Project male head and body installers to choose from? Check out Peter skin.

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