Month: September 2015

Asian male skin line Daichi updated with Omega and SLINK Physique!

Daichi skin line updated with Omega, SLINK Physique and classical avatar skin and shape!

Asian male skin line Daichi has been updated! Each skin and shape pack now includes a classic avatar skin and shape, facial hair as tattoo layers, Omega face and body appliers, Omega facial hair appliers, SLINK Physique body and hands, feet appliers plus TheMeshProject head, body and facial hair appliers!

Daichi facial hair options!

5 options of facial hair to choose from, either as tattoo layers for classical avatars or appliers for TheMeshProject or Omega appliers.

Daichi skin tones (oak, almond, sand)

3 skin tones available in each skin box or grab the fat-pack with all at once with a huge discount compared to single skin tone purchases.

Daichi skin appliers for SLINK Physique for men!

Last but not least, appliers for SLINK male mesh body Physique! One click applies all, hands, feet and mesh body. Easy to use!

For those who already purchased Daichi skin, you can visit our redelivery central inworld Second Life to receive an updated copy.

Teleport in-world Second Life:

Shop online at Second Life Marketplace: Daichi at Second Life MP!


SLINK Physique and Omega appliers for men!

Peter skin shown on TheMeshProject head (classic) and mesh body
SLINK Physique skin appliers used for the body, classic avatar Peter skin for the face
3 skin tones – sand, almond and oak
5 facial hair options, available as Omega and TheMeshProject appliers plus classic avatar tattoo layers

SLINK Physique and Omega appliers for men! A quick note to let you know, Peter skin line is the first out to be updated to include both SLINK Physique body and Omega head and body appliers! Daichi and Jayden skin is to follow soon!

All who have previously purchased can just go to our delivery central inworld Second Life and request an update.

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Shop at our marketplace store: Peter all skin tones!

Have fun!

Twisted Hunt Fall 2015!

Twisted Hunt Fall 2015 has started!

Twisted Virgins, beware.

There’s a reason the Twisted Hunt earned the title of ‘Hardest Hunt in SL’ – and we mean to live up to that title again this time around. We promise you a full month of box-hating, obscenity-shouting, desk-kicking, brain-melting fun… a bunch of other people commiserating and shouting obscenities right alongside you… and some of the best prizes some of the most Twisted designers on the grid can wrack their brains to come up with.

We think most Twisted Survivors (and yes, you DO earn the title ‘survivor’ when you complete the hunt) would agree that this is no place for the faint of heart… but, we also think they’d agree it’s about the most fun you can have in SL with your pants on … (read more).



As you may have quessed, the theme is “Qi” and of course, with a little twist. Find Qi skin for him and her, both skins includes a set of matching SLINK hands and feet appliers.

In the store, we have also set up a Gacha machine for all you addicts, go get those exclusive SLINK and Omega nails with Yin and Yang nail art! The rare included all 5 nail polishes, only 29L per play!


Also, since it is Twisted Hunt, we have a little extra store hunt for you! Find this unisex tattoo, Yin and Yang tattoo for your wrist. Comes both as tattoo layer for regular avatars plus appliers for SLINK Physique, Omega and #TheMeshProject!


Last but not least! There is a special sale for Twisted Hunters! Wear the group tag, get the items marked with the special “Qi %” and cube and get 25% discount on your purchase!

Happy sim and store hunting!

Want a hint? Thought I’d forgotten? Visit … *ahem* forget it, there is no hints … mwahaha … Twisted Hunt, remember?

Skin group gift Second Life – September!

Marcus and Kaylee skins!

Skin group gift Second Life for September month are now available!

What is included?

Kaylee and Marcus skin both includes SLINK hands and feet appliers plus Soul Kissers appliers. Kaylee also includes a set of Lolas appliers.

How to I become a Deluxe Body Factory VIP?

Not a member yet? You are missing out of great bargains, store credit on inworld purchases, Lucky Boards loaded with skins and lots of fun surprises! Also, the latest 2 months group gifts are also available.

To join is easy! Click this link or copy and paste it in your viewers open chat window: secondlife:///app/group/5d1f3417-9261-0a26-8ece-6b2e4b73c4ef/about

Thank you for considering to become a valued VIP member of Deluxe Body Factory’s update group, we appriciate it! Remember to like us on Facebook as well, an easy way to stay updated with the latest!

Where do I find the skins?

Teleport to Deluxe Body Factory skins and shapes in Second Life and grab September group gift now! Don’t worry if you missed out on the previous two months group gifts, they are still available in the gift boxes below the vendors.

Nails and lipsticks, plums and berries, anyBODY!

Plums and berries lipsticks!
Plums-and-berries-SLINK-Omega-nail-appliers-fall-Deluxe-Body-Fa tory-Second-Life-anybody
Plums and berries nail polish!

Nails and lipsticks, plums and berries, yummy limited fall editions available at anyBODY in Second Life! Deluxe Body Factory’s exclusive items for September round, now available.

Plums and berries lipstick comes as regular tattoo layers with appliers for #TheMeshProject, SLINK Visage and Omega. As for the nail polish, it’s available in two versions, one plain, one decorated with small autumn leaves. Both includes appliers for SLINK mesh hands and Omega nail polish appliers!

Teleport to anyBODY event in Second Life:


Womenstuff Salesroom exclusive skin!

Womenstuff Themed Salesroom Shawna Afro-American female skin fall autumn makeup Deluxe Body Factory Second Life
Womenstuff Themed Salesroom – Afro-American skin Shawna, fall edition

Womenstuff Themed Salesroom in Second Life is open! Find an exclusive fall edition of Shawna skin for a great price. This time-limited skin pack includes skins in two skin tones with a browless option, SLINK Physique, hands and feet appliers plus Omega head and body appliers!

Teleport in Second Life to Womenstuff Themed Salesroom and grab this great bargain before it’s gone:


Womenstuff hunt, exclusive freebie skin!

Kylie skin – Womenstuff hunt fall 2015

Womenstuff hunt 2015 in Second Life, exclusively created! Skin Kylie comes in one skin tone with 2 cleavage options, 3 lipsticks on tattoo layer, Slink Physique, hands and feet appliers plus Omega head, body and lipstick appliers!

Huge freebie pack – don’t miss out!
Teleport in Second Life

Happy hunting!