catwa jackson Peter-skin-line-CATWA-Jackson-appliers-sand-Deluxe-Body-Factory-Second-Life
Catwa Jackson mesh head appliers in sand skin tone
catwa jackson Peter-skin-line-CATWA-jackson-appliers-almond-Deluxe-Body-Factory-Second-Life
Catwa Jackson mesh head appliers in almond skin tone
catwa jackson Peter-skin-line-CATWA-Jackson-appliers-oak-Deluxe-Body-Factory-Second-Life
Catwa Jackson mesh head applier in oak skin tone

CATWA Jackson mesh head appliers available for Peter skin line! The applier set is available in 3 different skin tones (sand, almond and oak), each set includes appliers for Jackson mesh head, 5 facial hair options plus a body base skin for classic avatars. Please note, the textures are especially adjusted for this mesh head. They are a perfect match to Peter skin line, which includes skins, modifiable shape plus a huge range of head and body appliers. Check out Peter skin line and the recently released ADAM mesh body appliers!

As always, please try a demo, available both on the Second Life marketplace as well as in our store inworld Second Life (sand, almond, oak).

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