I sent you a notecard/IM/etc. and  you don’t reply! How rude, I need help now!

Please, read the FAQ below first. Most questions will be answered here as I collect the most frequently occuring below. When I am logged in to Second Life, I am busy working. If I see your question has already been answered here, I will not reply. Rude messages, complaints of freebies, gifts etc. will neither get an answer and most likely if you catch me on a bad day, get you banned and muted. Yes, I can.

Also, if you tried to IM me when online, I might have crashed before even reading  your IM or received a notecard that was accepted but not noticed by me. If you really need to get in touch and want to make sure I at least see your message, please do send me a notecard again (leave me 24 h to reply) or use my email address:

I joined your group and it … didn’t give me an invite/charged me twice/only took my money … Please help/I’ll report you … etc.

Sometimes there is a slight delay for a newly joined group to appear in the avatars profile. If you experience this, please try to relog and the group space is usually updated after that. There is no possibility to join the group twice (i.e. be charged twice) since the system prevents to join groups you are already member of. If you think this still has happened, please file a support ticket to Linden Lab since in that case, there is a bug in the system which is out of my control.

Where are the demo products?

Demos are available through our vendor system. Simply touch the vendor, choose demo from the blue pop up notice.

How can I give your product as a gift?

You can either use the option to gift a product through Second Life Marketplace (available on the product page) or use the gift option in our vendor system (click the vendor, choose gift and enter the avatars name).

I purchased an item from you [date/time/… ] but didn’t get it/can’t find it. Can you resend it to me?

If it is an item with transfer permission, no. Please see Store policies for related information. For other items, please send a note card renamed to “MP failed deliver – (Your name)” and include the transaction details.

Can you sponsor my blog?

Please fill out a bloggers application here:

Do you take on custom work?

Not at the moment, I don’t have enough time to take on such tasks.

Can I get a refund?

Since most items are not able to send back (no transfer permissions), we can not give refunds. Most of our products have demos, please try them first. Also, please read our store policies:

I accidentally purchased the same product twice, can you refund me?

Since the products are no transfer, no. What I can do is give you another product of equal value, for example a different skin tone, the same item gifted to a friend or similar.

I want to give this as a gift to my child/friend/wife … can you give me transfer options?

Please use the gift option either through one of the vendors in-world or at the Second Life marketplace.

“Hello?”, “I have a question”

These are not questions and will be ignored. If you need help or have something to say, please ask your question or say it directly in order for me to help you and save ourself some time. It doesn’t matter if I am online or not, my IMs go to my email and note cards are saved to my inventory. Thank you!

Deluxe Body Factory

Do you have applier for [ … insert name of mesh body, accessories …. ]?

We are updating our products to include Omega appliers – all hands and feet are without any nails. Please visit their blog to see what mesh parts Omega can be used for. We also support Catwa (head), Lelutka (head), SLINK (head, body, hands and feet), Maitreya (body, hands and feet), TheMeshProject (head, body, hands and feet) and EVE (head, body, hands and feet) with product specific appliers. For children, Toddleedoo and Super Mario Bro (SMB) appliers. Make sure you read what is included in each product and please ask if you are insecure.

As for Omega appliers, please note that many of the mesh heads and or bodies are Omega friendly, which means you can use our Omega appliers to your favourite head. We tried the following mesh bodies/heads and noticed the fit quite nicely with Omega – mesh heads: LOGO, LAQ, Akeruka, Lelutka (version 2.0 and forward), mesh bodies: Maitreya and SLINK.

Note! Maitreya, SLINK, Lelutka, Catwa, Logo need either a separate installer or a relay for the appliers to work – find them here: Solutions at Second Life Marketplace

I joined your group by mistake, can you please refund me?

You will always be asked you if you want to pay to join the group. Since VIP membership gives you free access to all old group gifts plus the current one, access to Lucky Boards, special VIP discount on new releases and other surprises … and these things are impossible for you to return, we can not refund you.

This skin doesn’t have appliers! #@!*?% why?!

All full skin and shape packs have the most common appliers included or separately available. Group gifts and hunt gifts may not always include them. Please ask if you can’t find them but please understand, some may be created exclusively for the event/hunt only and may not have any available. Do respect it is a gift you been given, complaints on gifts will be ignored. Sorry but that is just rude.

What is the RGB value of my skin?

Check out this page how to find your match.

Can you add me to the Deluxe Body Factory update group?

It’s just a click away, check my profile and join! Otherwise, click here: secondlife:///app/group/5d1f3417-9261-0a26-8ece-6b2e4b73c4ef/about.

I bought the [… mesh accessories …. ] appliers but they don’t work!

1. They do. Make sure you actually own the mesh item you attempt to apply our skins on and it is worn on your avatar. They are not included and this is always clearly stated.

2. For #TheMeshProject – installers will not work on the free body, for SLINK, make sure you wear the Avatar Enhancement hands and/or feet.

3. Make sure you updated your products to the latest released version.

4. Please understand, you need to own and wear the actual mesh hands, feet, body or head for the applier to have something to apply to. If you are insecure how the mesh accessories you have are functioning, please contact the creators, not us.

The shape has HUGE hands and feet, why?

Please understand, the shape of the demo products have huge hands and feet because they are free samples of the provided shape only. The full version comes with nice and well proportioned hands and feet.

The Omega appliers is not working, they look strange on my feet/hands, refund me!

Omega system is a general applier for mesh bodies. Most mesh bodies, hands, feet etc. uses a special shading map and not always the classic avatar UV map. This means in particular the hands and feet will not match unless you create special appliers for these products. We offer demos with all our Omega appliers so you can try them out in advance. Also, often you can use the mesh body with SLINK hands and feet, which we do supply appliers for in all skin lines which carries Omega appliers.

Everluxe Estates in Inworldz

I would like to pay with Paypal, do you provide that option?

Yes we do! Please see Everluxe Estates page for more information regarding your options.

I rented a skybox/apartment, why can’t I rezz my items or set home here?

A group invitation is needed both to rez items and set your home position. It will be sent to you as soon as possible, please allow 24 h because of time differences. We are on GMT+1, normal business hours are around 21-22 PDT and 9-13 PDT. If we are delayed longer then that, you will be compensated by a weeks extra tier added.

I can’t pay my tier at the rental office, what is wrong?

Please follow this procedure: Find your rental ball/box. Touch it, choose pay tier from the blue pop-up menu. Right click on the rental ball/box, choose pay tier.

I was ejected from the tentant group and my apartment is now rented by someone else, why?

We have a grace time of 3 days after your tier is due. IM’s and note cards will be sent from us plus the tier system will have notified you about that your time is due. Please respect this and pay the tier within time to keep your home. Should you by any reason be prevented from login or have RL issues, email us at: and we will reserve your spot.

Can I move the furniture?

Yes, they should all be set to the group so feel free to move them around or return those you don’t need. You can also rez and use your own furniture, please check the prim limit.

I want to have a skybox on my land, is that allowed?

Yes of course, just please keep it over 800 m height.

Can I have my shop or club here?

Yes you can, also note, our private islands are Adult rated.

I would like to rent a smaller/bigger parcel, but there is none available

Contact us and we might be able to merge two smaller or subdivide a bigger for you.

Are the objects included?

For parcels, you can keep those you wish to have and use and return the rest, but please understand we do not offer any support for them. For skyboxes and apartments, of course! They are included in the rental. We also replace anything that is not working and fix anything that might gone broken.

Pocket Avatars

What are they?

Tiny mesh avatars about 1/5 of the the size of the default sized Second Life avatar. They can walk, sit, fly, use your regular AO with animations like any other avatar. You can also wear your favourite hair or prim attachment with them, just size them down to fit.

Please note, no exported mesh from Second Life have been used for the creation of any of the petite Pocket Avatars. All of them are originally created by Lutricia Roux and will never be sold in any full perm pack or in any other way available for other creators to mass reproduce copies. This guarantee you an unique and original tiny Pocket Avatar!

Furthermore, I encourage you all to try the free demos for best experience of the Pocket Avatars collection. You find them both in the main store in-world Second Life or if you prefer, the Second Life Market shop.

Help! I TRIED your TINY avatar on, when I took it off, my old avatar looks all destroyed! What is wrong?

Please note, these avatars are rigged mesh creations. To start with, you need a mesh enabled viewer. After you ensured your viewer meet the requirements needed, please check so you wear the shape and the alpha layer provided.

The mesh will temporarily compress the original avatars body and to hide that, you wear an alpha layer which makes the distorted shape invisible  On top of that, you wear the tiny mesh avatar. More information about viewers: Official Second Life viewer and Third Party Viewers.

I tried your demo and when I took it off, my avatar is destroyed! It is all compressed, please help me what to do?

This is unfortunately a generic Second Life problem when wearing a tiny rigged mesh. There are several ways to fix this problem. The first is to take off all the items that is part of the rigged mesh and simply re-log  Other solutions is to use a so called undeformer. You can also go into the more advanced settings for a character test and do a total reset of your avatar. After that you need to find  your skin and shape and wear them again.

Whichever method you would choose, it is important that you always do a re-log to completely reset the avatar shape.

Can I use my own skin?

Regular skin templates for the Second Life avatar will not work to use because the mesh is not exported from the Second Life grid.

Can I change my shape?

For optional shape (as designed) please use the shape provided. Apart from that, feel free to experiment with some minor changes such as height, body thickness, shoulders and hip width. The sliders that are related to the avatars body fat, such as breast size, saddlebags or similar will not affect the mesh.

Can I use a normal AO and animations?

Yes, the Pocket Avatars are designed from the Second Life avatars skeleton and will move just as a regular avatar do. Most AO should work, dances and animations without height offset will also work just like normal.

Can I wear my clothes for my big avatars to use with the Pocket Avatar?

You can re-size and wear any modifiable (prim, sculpted, unrigged mesh) clothing items, but the default Second Life clothing templates will not work to use clothing layers will not fit the Pocket Avatars.

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