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Pocket Avatars, new releases!

Ivy fairy from Pocket Avatars

Ivy fairy from Pocket Avatars in Second Life
Ivy fairy from Pocket Avatars

Pocket Avatars is a unique collection of highly detailed, rigged mesh avatars, petite and tiny in their size (about 0.38 m high only).

Please note, no exported mesh from SL have been used for the creation of any of the tiny Pocket Avatars (check the nice detailed feet).

All Pocket Avatars are originally created by Lutricia Roux and will never be sold in any full perm pack or in any other way available for other creators to mass-reproduce copies.

This guarantee you an unique and original tiny mesh avatar!

Included in the package:

– Rigged mesh body, about 0.38 m high
– Mesh eyes (unrigged)
– Prim attachments;
– Hanging ivy
– Pixie wings
– White flexible hair with resize script
– Sculpted pointy ears
– Optional (wear) scripted fairy dust that emit a trail of sparkles as you walk or fly
– Basic fairy AO (looped animation of fairy flight in fly mode)

Visit the main store in-world Second Life for a free demo or check out the Second Life Marketplace listings with the option to gift the demo or the full version to friends!


Love Fairy, Pocket Avatars latest release

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a new release from Pocket Avatars, the Love Fairy! As all of the other Pocket Avatars, this petite little fairy has a highly detailed mesh body and is not bigger then about 1/4 (0.3 m) of the default Second Life avatar.

This fairy comes includes all you see on the picture below, that is rigged mesh body, eyes,  butterfly wings, hair, HUD with 3 skin options, scripted fairy dust (heart trail or sparkles) and the option to hide or show the feet.

Please note, the Pocket Avatars are unique small mesh avatars designed by Lutricia Roux and are NOT exported from the Second Life mesh. Notice the highly detailed mesh feet for example.

Visit Pocket Avatars in-world or have a look at Second Life marketplace, both offer FREE demos! Please try yours and do contact me with any questions you may have!


Love fairy from Pocket Avatars in Second Life


Cat woman, first Pocket Avatar with Sci-Fi theme!

Catwoman from Pocket Avatars in Second Life

A tiny and petite Cat Woman! The first Pocket Avatar with Sci-Fi theme is now available both in the main shop in-world Second Life as well as on the marketplace!

Unique small mesh avatar, highly detailed mesh, this time as the super hero Cat Woman! Perfect for role play, who says you have to be big to be a super hero?

The avatar comes with a gun that has three gun poses, touch it and control them by a menu. Easy and user friendly! The gun strapped to the thigh can be hidden by a simple click on it and as easy visible again!

You get two masks, one eye mask that you wear with the long black hair included. One that is a full cat woman hood, worn without hair. The skin and body suit HUD lets you change between the black body suit and a human skin with the option for hide/show the feet.

Gorgeous high heel stiletto ankle boots in mesh is also included!


Faeline Fairy Wings in the main store!

Faeline Fairy Wings at Pocket Avatars in Second LifeI’m happy to inform you that the beautiful Faeline Fairy Wings are available in the main store! Find the vendor just inside the Pocket Avatars shop, beside Twinklekiss, who also is modelling one pair of flapping wings for you!

The Faeline Fairy Wings fits both big and small avatars, full of features and very easy to use. Control how the flap, their brightness and glow and even optional chat when someone touches your wings!

All features, including premade sizing options for avatar sizes, are totally menu controlled. I can highly recommend these beautiful fairy wings for your Pocket Avatar as well as any big avatar.

Limo for your convenience here: Faeline Fairy Wings at Pocket Avatars main store!




Introduction of the Pocket Avatars, tiny mesh avatars, petite in size!

The Pocket Avatars are tiny mesh avatars about 1/4 of the the size of a normal sized Second Life avatar. Designed in fantasy theme, such as different kinds of elves (moon elf, dark elf, aquatic elf, wood elf) or inspired from mythological creatures, such as the Irish Banshee, the god of Roman mythology, the Faun (Greek Satyr).

They are perfect for any kind of fantasy role play and can use your regular AO, animations like any other avatar. You can also wear your favorite hair or prim attachment with them, just size them down to fit. Extra accessories such as boots, gowns, skirts, fairy dust, instrument … are to be found in the main store in-world Second Life.

Please note, they are unique in their design such as no exported mesh from Second Life have been used for the creation of any of the petite Pocket Avatars. All of them are originally created by Lutricia Roux and will never be sold in any full perm pack or in any other way available for other creators to mass reproduce copies. This guarantee you an unique and original tiny Pocket Avatar!

Furthermore, I encourage you all to try one (or all) of the free demos for best experience of these avatars. You find them both in the main store in-world Second Life or if you prefer, the Second Life Market shop.

More detailed information can be found on the FAQ page. If you have questions that are not answered there, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Below shows some examples of the different characters and additional accessories. Please visit the main store in-world or the Second Life Marketplace for the whole collection with free demos!

Size comparison between a big avatar and a tiny Pocket Avatar

Tiny in size, comparison to regular avatar

Pocket Avatars – the Banshee

Pocket Avatars, the Banshee

Pocket Avatars – the Faun (male, including pan flute)

Pocket Avatars, male faun

Pocket Avatars – Wood elf (earth)

Pocket Avatars, wood elf

Pocket Avatars – Moon elf (pink petals)

Pocket Avatars, moon elf