RGB values for Deluxe Body Factory’s skins will have the most accurate match if you do the matching of your avatar’s attachments to your skin tone when worn inworld Second Life. This is usually of far better use then the actual RGB colours.

Second Life viewers have a good tool to help you find a good match of your prim or mesh attachments, it’s called show colour under cursor. Below is instructions of how you proceed to get your best match.

First step is to set up your viewer. Please note, I wrote these instructions using Firestorm Viewer for Second Life, there may be different settings for other viewers that I am not aware of.

Hold the keys Ctrl + Shift + Y to set the sun position on midday. Then press Ctrl + P to open the viewers preferences.

In preferences, go to the Graphics tab. Uncheck local lights and in the drop down menu for Shadows, choose “Sun/Moon”.

Now you will activate two new menus, the “Advanced menu” (press Ctrl + Alt + D) and the “Develop menu” (press Ctrl + Alt + Q).

Open the “Develop” menu and go to “Develop/Show Info” and check the option “Show Colour Under Cursor”. Now you will see 4 numbers at the bottom right of your screen. The first 3 values are the RGB, the 4th is for transparancy. Move the cursor over anything you wish and see how the numbers change with what you hover the cursor over.

When choosing the RGB to match your skin, remember to pick a RGB value on your avatars skin very close to the actual prim or mesh attachment since it may vary over the skin.

Furthermore, do note that skins render differently compared to how attachments such as prims or mesh are renders by the viewers. Your personal Graphic settings and choice of for example windlight will also greatly affect how colours and shadows are seen.

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