Store policies for Lutricias Luxuries in Second Life, including, but not limited to, the branches Deluxe Body Factory, Pocket Avatars, Twinkle bits, Twinkle babe and L’s design

We will:

  • Redeliver no transfer items if you would experience an item being undelivered or lost in the delivery process. Please note, we do require your transaction number on a notecard.
  • Replace items that are broken or is missing from what is originally stated in the advert.
  • Take on custom orders provided enough time and reasonable requests.
  • Re-size items you may not be able to or have the knowledge to adjust yourself. Please be prepared to send us a copy of your shape.
  • Claim the right to resell any item that is custom made, unless we specifically agreed upon something else.
  • File an abuse report to Linden Lab in accordance with the TOS if you theaten us with bad rumours, bad karma, bad review or whatever you may come up with to get free items or refunds of functional items or just having a bad day.
  • File DMCA without warning if you attempt to steal any of our design. All our work is registered and protected at We keep backups of IM, chat logs, transaction history and all other things needed to protect ourselfs from thefts and false claims.
  • Give you all information of hair, windlight, accessories if we would forget to include this information with the product. Note, only full products, not demo.

We will not:

  • Give refunds. All skins and shapes have demo product as well as any mesh clothes. Try them first, please!
  • Offer support about other creators product, such as skin appliers and similar.
  • Redeliver any items you purchased as a gift to the wrong recipient.
  • Redeliver any transfer item that you did not receive without a note card with accurate transaction details.
  • Replace any items you lost because of inventory issues.
  • Replace any items because you created an alternative account and wish to have the same items for this avatar.
  • Replace any purchases made by mistakes, not even if your dog ate the computer mouse and while doing so, clicked the vendor or confirmed the purchase.
  • Replace any items because you did not properly read the permissions for the item. The vendor adverts clearly state what items there are, as well as their permissions.
  • Reply and advice you whether you should or should not invest in this or that product because of this or that reason. The choice and responsibility is yours.
  • Change the permissions of the item, unless we clearly expressed so in the advert.


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