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Rain – Gothic skin for anyBODY October round!


About anyBODY

anyBODY is THE fashion event to find everything that fits your SEXY mesh body! We know you enjoy wearing SEXY mesh body enhancements like boobs, booties, bodies, hands, heads etc. Bring your SEXY back and find all the fitmesh and appliers you need at anyBODY!

Every month designers will have to create at least one new release with fitmesh or appliers. Each round will start the 7th @ 7AM SLT until the end of the month.

About Rain skin

This gothic inspired skin is perfect for the upcoming Halloween holiday! Choose between the two skin tones included, match with any of the four lipsticks that goes with this set! The skin box includes both classic avatars skin, Catwa and Omega appliers!

Please note, ONLY available at anyBODY! Teleport to the event in Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elmira/143/136/27/

Have fun!

May flowers tattoo at anyBody!


Tattoo in theme May flowers! Only available at anyBody event for a reduced price. Comes as a regular tattoo for classic avatars together with Omega, SLINK Physique, Maitreya and TheMeshProject mesh body appliers.

Teleport directly to anyBody event in Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elmira/194/127/26


anyBody – Pomeline skin


anyBody event exclusive skin! Check out Pomeline, lots of appliers included, Catwa, Logo/Omega, SLINK, Maitreya, TheMeshProject and of course classic avatar skin.
Teleport directly to anyBody in Second Life and try a free demo!
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elmira/196/206/26

Have fun!

Nails and lipsticks, plums and berries, anyBODY!

Plums and berries lipsticks!
Plums-and-berries-SLINK-Omega-nail-appliers-fall-Deluxe-Body-Fa tory-Second-Life-anybody
Plums and berries nail polish!

Nails and lipsticks, plums and berries, yummy limited fall editions available at anyBODY in Second Life! Deluxe Body Factory’s exclusive items for September round, now available.

Plums and berries lipstick comes as regular tattoo layers with appliers for #TheMeshProject, SLINK Visage and Omega. As for the nail polish, it’s available in two versions, one plain, one decorated with small autumn leaves. Both includes appliers for SLINK mesh hands and Omega nail polish appliers!

Teleport to anyBODY event in Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elmira/200/145/21


anyBODY Second Life Summer Romance Lipsticks

anyBODY Second Life exclusive, romantic lipstick collection, The Mesh Project, SLINK, Sweetlips, Kissers from Deluxe Body Factory skins
Exclusively for anyBODY Second Life!

anyBODY event is open! Check out the exclusive from Deluxe Body Factory! Beautiful Summer Romance lipsticks. Available as tattoo layers and appliers for The Mesh Project and SLINK Visage mesh heads, Soul Kissers and PXL Sweetlips mesh lips. 8 shades of warm pink to mix and match. The perfect addition to your cosmetic bag.


8 lipsticks as tattoo layers for regular avatars

1 installer with 8 lipstick options for The Mesh Project mesh head

1 HUD with 8 lipstick options for SLINK Visage mesh head

1 HUD with 8 lipstick options for Soul Kissers mesh lips

1 HUD with 8 lipstick options for PXL Sweetlips mesh lips

Where can I find anyBODY Second Life event?

Teleport directly to the event in-world Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elmira/201/238/22

Please note! Only available at anyBODY for the duration of the event. Have fun!

TheMeshProject, Africa my love at anyBody




TheMeshProject head installers with a special make-up edition for Shawna skin line! Africa my love in Ebony skin tone with matching bodyinstallers. This exclusive edition is only available at anyBody event in Second Life.

anyBody is the place to go for applier lovers. Opens at 7th March and runs until the end of the month.

In the package all 3 makeups are included as head installers plus matching body installers as well. Please note, this is not a mix and match makeup as the previous release of #TMP head and body installers for Shawna.

This special edition is only available for the duration of the event, hurry up and grab it now before it is gone! Teleport in Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elmira/179/238/22


anyBODY – for applier lovers

anyBODY is the new “MUST GO” event for applier lovers. Arranged by Flair for events, a quote from their pressrelease:

Appliers are not associated with only busty girls anymore. Any kind of women… small, big, tall, curvy, skinny… can now enjoy wearing body enhancements like boobs, booties, mesh bodies, hands, etc. Appliers are for anyBODY!

Each round will starts the 7th at 7AM SLT until the end of the month.

Deluxe Body Factory is proud to announce our body enhancements available ONLY at anyBODY!

  • Jahne Doe – TheMeshProject head and body installers
  • Samantha – TheMeshProject head and body installers, SLINK Visage and Physique appliers

All the exlusives includes both head and body appliers/installers plus a body base (regular avatar skin for all combos of mesh body, head and SLAV).

Teleport directly: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elmira/174/76/22

anyBODY exclusive #1 – Jahne Doe – TheMeshProject head and body installers

Jahne Doe – wearing TMP basic body and TMP deluxe head Fierce


Jahne Doe – TMP basic body and TMP head Fierce


anyBODY exclusive #2 – Samantha – SLINK Visage and Physique

Samantha – worn on SLINK Visage head Emma with Physique body


Samantha – worn with SLINK Visage head Emma and Physique body

anyBODY exclusive #3 – Samantha – TheMeshProject head and body installers

Samantha, worn with #TheMeshProjects head Fierce and basic mesh body


Samantha, worn with #TheMeshProjects head Fierce and basic body