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Tabitha skin for Kid to Kid October round!


Kid to Kid October is open and is all about Fall and Halloween! Items are family friendly or kid centric. Find clothing for kids big and small or for the whole family. ALL kids, from prim to mesh to regular avatars are welcome!

Deluxe Body Factory offers you Tabitha skin, a exclusive skin and shape version with Halloween in mind. Included in the kit is a classic avatar skin and a modifiable shape.

Teleport in-world Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Real%20Dreams/38/59/22/


Child skin Juni – Spring Fair


Child skin Juni, a skin exclusively designed for Spring Fair at Almost home in Second Life! The skin is PG with no breast shades – just like all kid skins from Deluxe Body Factory. Her face is slightly tanned with light blush on the cheeks and lots of freckles. Fresh and uplifting – inspired from the upcoming spring in front of us.

Child skin Juni also comes with a modifiable shape as displayed in the picture, SMB skin loader, brow shaper, an alpha layer to hide the default eyelashes plus naturally a style card where to find the hair, eyes and clothes displayed.

Grab the opportunity to get this fresh little girls skin and shape for a special discount during the time of the event! Timeline February 7th – 21st. Teleport in Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Herston%20Isles/68/146/31


Skin and shape combos for little girls!

Skin and shape combos for little girl children, the latest addition to childrens collection from Deluxe Body Factory! See previous post about young boys collection here. Both collections are available in the main store in-world as well as on the Second Life Marketplace.

Click each picture below to come to the marketplace with more information of what is included in each set!

Little girl Ronia

Little girl Ronia skin and shape combo

Little girl Sun

Little girl Sun skin and shape combo

Little girl Amanda

Little girl Amanda skin and shape combo

Little girl Gabrielle

Little girl Gabrielle shape and skin combo

Little girl Charita

Little girl Charita shape and skin combo

Fat-pack, all 5 shape and skin combos with over 30% discount!

Fat-pack little girls shape and skin combos!