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Christmas sale 50% discount!

Christmas sale Gift card sale 50% discount Gift card give away store hunt

Christmas sale at Deluxe Body Factory! We offer 50% discount on selected items, 50% on ALL gift cards … plus a gift card give away! There are 20 gift cards hidden in our store – hurry up and find them! All gift cards are transferable which makes them a perfect Christmas gift – with discount to you as well!

The offer is valid from 21st December to and including 24th December – take the opportunity to prepare your Christmas gifts now! Remember all our items can be gifted through our vendors, just click the vendor, choose gift!

Teleport to our shop and the Christmas sale inword Second Life: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hidden%20Village/171/85/1142

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Have fun!

Gacha skins with Omega, Catwa appliers!


Gacha skins with Omega appliers!

Tashia skin, Omega appliers viewed on LOGO’s mesh head Alex
Noelle fantasy skin, Omega appliers viewed on LOGO’s mesh head Alex

Exclusively created for Candy Lane gacha event by Gacha Good – Noelle and Tashia skins. Noelle is a fantasy skin with coloured brows and matching lipsticks. Tashia skin comes with lots of makeup options. All the skin boxes are transfer and includes a classical avatar skin with matching Omega head and body appliers. LOGO’s mesh head Alex is used for the photos.

The body base matches skin tone Chai from Poppy skin line if you want to add some additional appliers.

Gacha skins with Catwa appliers!

Tashia skin, Catwa appliers viewed on Jessica mesh head
Noelle fantasy skin, Catwa appliers viewed on Jessica mesh head

Here you can see Noelle and Tashia skins using Catwa mesh head Jessica. A classical avatar skin is included as body base for your mesh head. Remember to grab at least one of the Omega gachas as well so you can apply the skin on your favourite mesh body which supports Omega applier system.

Teleport in Second Life to Candy Lane by Gacha Good: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rockaway%20Shores/187/95/1822

Happy Gachaing!

POE6 hunt, Lucia from Deluxe Body Factory

POE6 hunt gift Lucia from Deluxe Body Factory

POE6 hunt gift! POE6 is short for the Peace On Earth Hunt which starts 1th of December 2013 and will last until 6th of January 2014. The theme of the hunt is either the general “Peace on Earth” or a gift designed to highlight the seasonal tradition of your home country or origin of faith.

I chose to highlight a very loved and special tradition to my own culture for Deluxe Body Factory’s hunt gift, the Swedish Lucia. Included is the package is a shape, skin, eyes, Lucia crown, Lucia dress in rigged mesh with a separate belt created of prims.

Last but not least is a HUD with some suprises I won’t mention here plus an option to activate the Lucia pose hand animation. This animation is exlusively created by me for this event, it has priority 4 and should work good to combine with a walk animation of your choice.

Don’t miss out on this hunt, it is a very much appriciated event with lots of talented designer involved.

Homeless in Second Life during the Christmas holidays?

Homeless in Second Life for Christmas?

I just received following group notice when I logged in to Second Life. I thought I’ll forward it here for anyone who might be homeless in Second Life and in the need of a virtual home during the Christmas holidays.

Seasons Greetings!

As a form of celebrating Christmas Season, Victoria Chung Estates provides 1008sqm land for free until December 27, 2012 for those residents who has no land and wish to have a shelter during the holiday.

On December 28, 2012 all occupied parcels for free will be reclaimed and if tenant wish to keep the land, they can pay the corresponding amount (400L / 300L / 200L weekly depending on the location of the plot)

The only qualification for this offer is that the avatar must be at least 30 days old.

Feel free to IM Victoria Chung for further assistance!

Happy Holidays ^^
Lots of Love,
Victoria Chung


Homeless in Second Life for Christmas?

Apart from this, please note, anyone who like to set their home location somewhere around the land where the main store in-world are situated are very much welcome to do so. Just get in touch with me and I’ll make sure to invite you to the proper group. This offer is valid all year around ;)

Happy holidays!


Credit for the photo used goes to MD-Arts.


Introduction of the Twinkle bits collection!

The main part of the collection of stuffed toy animals. Latest release are the set of bears, elephant and duck created in mesh, some of them with multiple selection of cuddle animations.

Pink cuddle elephant in mesh
Pink cuddle elephant in mesh

The perfect cuddle elephant, stand or sit and cuddle with it, or take it under your arm as you go! The elephant includes three different animations, wear it from the inventory, touch it and have your choice from the blue menu that pops up.

Two of the animations are long cuddle animations, one when you stand up and hug, snuggle and cuddle with your elephant, one when you sit down rested on the ground. The third animation is a hold animation, you simply hold the elephant under your arm, perfect if you wish to carry it with you as you walk.

Consist of 100% mesh, created with much joy and love, I hope you will take good care of your new toy :)

As for the kids apparel, the latest releases are holiday apparel in rigged mesh:

Complete little girls Christmas outfit in rigged mesh including Santa teddy bear
Complete little girls Christmas outfit in rigged mesh including Santa teddy bear

An elegant and comfortable Christmas outfit for little girls! Teddy bear with hug animation included!

What you get:

  • Rigged mesh dress (3 sizes, please try a free demo first)
  • Unrigged mesh shoes
  • Sheer white stockings
  • Alpha layer for best look of the dress
  • Adorable wearable Santa teddy bear with hug animation included
Little girls pyjama for Christmas, including Santa bear and Grandma's socks
Little girls pyjama for Christmas, including Santa bear and Grandma’s socks

A cute and comfortable pajama for the holidays winter season! Designed for little girl avatars, it includes warm knitted wool socks from Grandma, rigged mesh pants and top in soft cotton fabric.

The knitted Grandma socks (red or green stripes) can be worn either as rigged mesh or you can wear the unrigged mesh pair and size them with the built in resize script. As a bonus for Christmas, a cuddly wearable Santa teddy bear is included! Wear it from your inventory and cuddle with your own stuffed animal!

The knitted Grandma socks can also be bought in a fatpack, including rigged and unrigged mesh, 7 different colours!

Hint for kids: The rigged mesh socks even fits adults, could be a perfect Christmas gift for mummy :)


Twinkle bits: Cat faux fur hat in mesh, shades of black
Twinkle bits: Cat faux fur hat in mesh, shades of black

Keep your little girl warm during the cold season with this charming cat faux fur hat, designed for kids and teenagers! The cat hat is unrigged mesh with high quality fur texture. Re-size it if needed with the built in resizer script, very easy to use, just touch the hat and a blue dialog box instruct you.


Twinkle-bits: Fur boots in rigged mesh for little girls
Twinkle-bits: Fur boots in rigged mesh for little girls

Keep your little girls feet warm in the cold season with these highly detailed and beautifully textured fur boots in rigged mesh! They move nicely with your body and looks great to any kind of outfit!


Twinkle bits: Complete winter outfit with fur boots and Cat faux hat
Twinkle bits: Complete winter outfit with fur boots and Cat faux hat

A complete set for outdoor activities in the Winter or Christmas holiday season! Warm fur boots and cat hat and knitted wool mittens and jumper.

Designed for little girls, fits both teenagers and smaller kids.


  • Rigged mesh boots in warm fur
  • Knitted wool jumper with sculpted collar and optional cuffs
  • Knitted wool mittens, wear with alpha layer for hands
  • Corduroy pants with belt
  • Unrigged cat hat in fur


  • Pants, cuffs, collar, mittens are mod, copy
  • The cat hat is copy with resize script
  • The boots are rigged mesh and copy only
Grandma's knitted wool socks, fatpack of 7 pairs!
Grandma’s knitted wool socks, fatpack of 7 pairs!

Knitted warm wool socks in 7 different colors  Fatpack, including both rigged mesh socks that follows your body or if you rather prefer, unrigged mesh socks with re-size script, all is included!

Keep your feet warm with this perfect additional holiday apparel, perfect for lazy days inside or to relax with after a long day outside in the Winter snow!

Kids, hint: The rigged mesh socks also fits adults, would be a perfect Christmas gift to your mummy :)

Happy holidays from Twinkle bits!