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Group gift December!

Group gift for December is now available for all Deluxe Body Factory members! Not a member yet? Join the group here: Deluxe Body Factory

One male skin Carl in milk tone plus a female skin Lovisa in vanilla tone.

Find them in-world here: Deluxe Body Factory in-world Second Life


Group gift female, Lovisa skin

Group gift December, female skin Lovisa

Group gift male, Carl skin

Group gift December, male skin Carl


Winters Dark Hunt 1 December

[DBF] Winters Dark Hunt AD, a photo by Lutricia Roux on Flickr.

Winters Dark Hunt starts 1th December! Deluxe Body Factory’s hunt gift is skin Mercy. The skin comes in a skin in one tone with dark Gothic themed make-up, extravagant and long eyelashes and black lipstick.

Check out the hunt details on the organizers blog: Winter’s Dark Hunt.

Happy Hunting!

A nightmare hunt

A nightmare hunt, evil clown skins from Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life

A nightmare hunt will start the 22nd October and Deluxe Body Factory is participating! The hunt gift is a male  and female evil clown skin with optional red clown nose.

Find all the details on the organizers webpage: A nightmare hunt

Happy hunting!


Blue Moon ft [DBF] Catwa, Maxi Gossamer, PixelFashion, Zibska

Lolas Tango Fever Hunt

For all you who love hunts and Lolas, this is something for you. Deluxe Body Factory skins has created and submitted a skin for the upcoming Lolas Tango Fever Hunt, see picture below. The hunt item includes skin in fair tone with three cleavage option, nose piercing and the optional Lola Tango Skin Appliers for each cleavage option.

The hunt will run from July 1-31, find more details on the Lolas Tango Fever Hunt website. The skin will after the hunt is over be available for purchase with more skin tones added.

Lola Tango Fever Hunt - skin Eili from Deluxe Body Factory