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Freebie skin Aurora – join HYIS12 hunt now!


Freebie skin Aurora with lots of appliers from Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life! What are you waiting for, join Hunt for your inner slut and grab this great bargain now! Visit http://huntforyourinnerslut.com/ and navigate to the hints page to find Deluxe Body Factory’s hint and start looking for this treasure!

You’ll get rewarded with a beautiful freebie skin with makeup, LOTS of appliers to choose from! Find SLINK Physique, Omega head and body, EVE’olution mesh head and EVEmesh body and CATWA mesh head appliers!

Remember you can use the Omega appliers on both Lola Tango and LOGO mesh head Alex. Happy hunting, enjoy the hunt and have fun!

Dollarbie hunt gift tattoos!

Dollarbie hunt gift – Addicted to appliers!

Dollarbie hunt gift tattoos for Addicted to appliers hunt in Second Life!

Asher and Jade tattoos comes as regular tattoo layers, TheMeshProject installers (Asher is set to be unisex, Jade female), Omega appliers and SLINK Physique (Jade only).

Addicted to appliers is a 1L hunt.

All hunt information including locations and hints can be found on the organizers webpage: http://gossipeventssl.blogspot.com

Happy hunting!

Second Life dollarbie! For her hunt gift

Second Life dollarbie! Summer Ombre Lipsticks as tattoo layer from Deluxe Body Factory. For Her Hunt
Summer Ombre Lipsticks as tattoo layer from Deluxe Body Factory. Dollarbie in For Her Hunt in Second Life.

Second Life dollarbie! Grab these gorgeous ombre lipsticks on tattoo layer as a 1L hunt gift in For her hunt. Hunt hints are available at the organizers website: https://missjewellevents.wordpress.com/

Interested in getting the same beautiful ombre listicks for your TMP or SLINK Visage head? Or perhaps PXL Sweetlips and Soul Kissers? Check out this post for the exclusives available at Penumbra Sneak Peek.

Happy Second Life dollarbie hunting!

Optimistic Play List Hunt – Tova skin with appliers


Optimistic play list hunt has started! Find this gorgeous skin Tova with appliers for SLINK hands and feet plus Lolas included. The hunt will be running through March 15 through April 5. You will donate $3L for the hunt gift with 100% profit to the American Cancer Society. Visit Relay for Life to read more.

First visit the start location, from here you can find all the rest of the hunt locations, easy teleport with SLURLs!

Visit the hunt organizers blog for any news or details about Optimistic play list hunt: https://4stores2behunted.wordpress.com/2-hunts/optimistic-playlist-hunt/

Have fun and happy hunting!

Scrumptious Sweets hunt by MadPea


Scrumptious Sweets hunt by MadPea starts 1 December. Quote from their website (http://madpea.blogspot.se/):

It’s going to be a very Scrummy, very Yummy December at MadPea this year while we take you a journey around the Scrumptious Sweets Island. Follow the Choccie block road and visit the Lollipop Forest, the Rock Candy Caves and take a ride down Cookie Canyon!

For 25 days of December you can take part in this holiday event by purchasing a hud from participating vendors, or from MadPea Scrumptious Sweets Island, and each day you can collect a prize from one of the 25 amazing vendors taking part.

Deluxe Body Factory has hidden a special creation, Dakota skin and shape. An androgynous skin and shape, with a sprinkle of sweetness. Two shapes included, flat chest and subtle breast option. The skin has a flat chest as well with a tattoo layer to add for subtle breast option.

This is exclusively created for Scrumptious Sweets hunt by MadPea, don’t miss out on this special gift!

As you visit the candy decorated sim, come by Deluxe Body Factory’s candy house for some more treats! SLINK sweet nails gacha for 49L/play with an option to grab the rare HUD where all sweet nails are included plus a peppermint candy nail options (4 special nails).




Blood letters adult hunt by MadPea

Blood letters adult hunt by MadPea! Don’t miss out on all the fantastic prizes in this hunt!
Timeline November 1st – 3o, 2014.


Quotes below are from MadPea’s blog:


November 1 – 30, 2014

First ever Adult hunt from MadPea

Samantha “The Mantis” Mason, is an internationally infamous serial killer due to her particularly gruesome hobby. Seducing men and women alike, she lured them with the promise of fulfilling their lust, only to appease her own thirst for blood with these hapless pleasure-seekers.

Society breathed a collective sigh of relief when, after 8 brutal murders she was finally apprehended and brought to justice. However, a year after The Mantis was put behind bars murders have started occurring again, and the sadistic killer operates in a way that keeps everyone in fear.

The players will take on the role of a Private Detective and get prepared to solve a grisly series of shocking murders to test the boundaries where eroticism meets morality.!

Each vendor is supplying not one, but TWO prizes for this hunt – one you collect when you visit their store and one for all those that complete the hunt!
Our best hunt yet, and our first adult hunt is going to be epic!

Find below Jahne Doe. Deluxe Body Factory’s store price, available 21th November. An androgynous skin and modifiable shape, eyes included.

Jahne Doe – store prize

Like promised, there is more! Below are the final prizes from Deluxe Body Factory that you can collect when you completed the hunt. Female skin Samantha and male skin John.

Samantha skin – final prize John skin – final prize

Deluxe Body Factory joins the fight!


Deluxe Body Factory joins the fight against breast cancer!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and :mused: are organizing a hunt (1st October to 1st November)  to help raise money for a Breast Cancer focused charity. The Charity chosen is Breast Cancer Connections.

Our contribution is Ezrela skin which like all the other hunt items are on sale for only 10L$! Please note, this money does not go to Deluxe Body Factory owners, but to an avatar that :mused: has been set up to manage the funds for donation.

Also note, the skin Deluxe Body Factory offers is originally created for this event and will not be available after this event. You better grab this bargain when you can!



Fight against breast cancer in Second Life

Fundraising for a cure. A fight against breast cancer. Help us and others, support our fight for a cure. Come join “I feel You feel” hunt and pay $2L for this gorgeous skin from Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life. A small price to help save life.

Below is Deluxe Body Factory’s contribution. A unique designed female skin with matching Lola Tango/Mirage appliers included. Please note, this skin will not be available elsewhere after the hunt is over, get it now for almost free and support our fight for a cure!

“I feel You feel” hunt start 21th September and last until 31th October. 100% proceeds will go to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!

Teleport in-world Second Life: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hidden%20Village/171/85/1114



Anjou skin, hunt gift for Fruity Hunt in Second Life


Anjou skin is created by Deluxe Body Factory exclusively for the Fruity Hunt in Second Life, starting 15 July 2014! Included in the hunt gift is a female skin in one skin tone, with 2 cleavage option. Matching appliers are separately available (information included).

Find all the information about the hunt at the organizers blog: http://pickledegghunts.blogspot.nl/

Teleport to Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hidden%20Village/149/13/1114

Beelzebub horns, Medieval Fantasy Hunt gift


Beelzebub horns are created by Deluxe Body Factory for the Medieval Fantasy Hunt in Second Life, starting 1 July 2014. The horns are 100% original mesh with materials enabled and includes a removable resize script.

Find all the details of the hunt on the organizers blog: http://creatorsoffantasy.wordpress.com/

Teleport to Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hidden%20Village/149/13/41

Enjoy and have fun!