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Skin and shape Elsa The frozen hunt

Mira lingerie Dirty pillow hunt

[L] Mira lingerie Dirty pillow hunt by Lutricia Roux
[L] Mira lingerie Dirty pillow hunt, a photo by Lutricia Roux on Flickr.

Upcoming hunt gift from Ls! Mira lingeri, bra and mesh panties, Lola Tango Appliers included. Check out the details on the organizers webpage (Dirty Pillows hunt), happy hunting!

A nightmare hunt

A nightmare hunt, evil clown skins from Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life

A nightmare hunt will start the 22nd October and Deluxe Body Factory is participating! The hunt gift is a male  and female evil clown skin with optional red clown nose.

Find all the details on the organizers webpage: A nightmare hunt

Happy hunting!


Blue Moon ft [DBF] Catwa, Maxi Gossamer, PixelFashion, Zibska

Cirque du Freak hunt

Cirque du Freak hunt Evil clowns from Deluxe Body Factory Cirque du Freak hunt has started! Find all the details of the hunt, such as starting location, participating stores and more on the organizers website.

Deluxe Body Factory’s contribution is two evil clowns, consisting of one male skin and shape plus one female skin and shape.

Happy hunting!

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Second Life hunt Alice in Boobieland

Skin Alice for Second Life Hunt Alice in Boobieland hunt from Deluxe Body Factory

Second Life hunt! Alice in Boobieland is to start soon! The hunt will run through Aug 30 – Sep 30. Find more details on the organisers blog.

The creations should all be in Alice in Wonderland theme and Deluxe Body Factory’s contribution to this Second Life hunt is a pale skin with young face inspired from Queen of Hearts make-up.  To connect to the theme of Boobieland, matching Lola Tango Appliers are included.

I hope you take the time to visit the wonderful sim the hunt is on and have a good time searching for the hidden treasures.

Happy hunting!

What Inspires You hunt – Odin and Prenika shapes

Odin and Prenika shapes from Deluxe Body Factory for What Inspires You Hunt in Second Life
Odin and Prelinka shapes from Deluxe Body Factory


What Inspires You hunt in Second Life has recently started. Odin and Pelinka shapes are Deluxe Body Factory’s hunt gifts. Since we wanted to make a gift for both men and women, we decided for a gift consisting of two shapes, one for females, Prenika shape, and one for men, male shape Odin.

The skins you can see on the photo above are from Deluxe Body Factory skin lines. Female skin used is Porcelain #2 and the male skin used is Ayjay skin in tone mocha.

Find more information of the hunt at the organizers webpage.

Happy hunting!

Seasons Palette Hunt Gift

Seasons Palette Hunt Gift from Lutricias Luxuries in Second Life
Hunt gift Solgull dress from Lutricias Luxuries

Seasons Palette Hunt Gift from Lutricias Luxuries! The hunt is closing in, only a couple of days left now. The Second Life grid wide hunt starts on the 20th August.

The hunt gift from Lutricias Luxuries is Solgull mesh dress. Colors are chosen according to the hunt theme, see color palette below. More information about the hunt can be found here.

Seasons Palette Hunts Color Palette
Color Palette for Seasons Palette Hunt

5 standard sizes is included plus a modifiable alpha layer and full perm alpha layer textures should you wish to modify them yourself.

Happy hunting!

Lolas Tango Fever Hunt starts!

Lolas Tango Fever Hunt starts at midnight today (0:00 AM 1 July PDT). Deluxe Body Factory is participating with a gift, Eili skin! Please see previous post here.

Eili is custom made for this hunt and will after the hunt is over be available in 5 skin tones plus the optional Lola Tango Appliers.

Please visit the official Lolas Tango Fever hunt page for more details. Good luck and have fun!

Skin Eili – custom made skin for Lolas Tango Fever Hunt

Skin Eili for Lolas Tango Fever Hunt by Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life

Lolas Tango Fever Hunt

For all you who love hunts and Lolas, this is something for you. Deluxe Body Factory skins has created and submitted a skin for the upcoming Lolas Tango Fever Hunt, see picture below. The hunt item includes skin in fair tone with three cleavage option, nose piercing and the optional Lola Tango Skin Appliers for each cleavage option.

The hunt will run from July 1-31, find more details on the Lolas Tango Fever Hunt website. The skin will after the hunt is over be available for purchase with more skin tones added.

Lola Tango Fever Hunt - skin Eili from Deluxe Body Factory