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Fable event skin exclusive plus gachas!

Aerwen skin with Catwa and Omega appliers by Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life for Fable event - fantasy genre
Exclusively for Fable event – Aerwen elf skin, Omega and Catwa appliers included

Check out our event exclusive skin, elf skin Aerwen! The skin comes in 4 different skin tones and includes appliers for Soul UniEars, Omega head and body plus Catwa head appliers. They are available as single skin tone boxes or if you choose the fatpack with all skin tones, you will get 25% discount!

Would you love to have these elf tattoos as well? Check out our newest gachas below and come try your luck for the rare, a full body tattoo in either black or white.


Gachas – Aerwen Omega applier tattoos

Aerwen tattoos with Omega appliers by Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life for Fable event - fantasy genre
Aerwen elf tattoo – black
Aerwen tattoos with Omega appliers by Deluxe Body Factory in Second Life for Fable event - fantasy genre
Aerwen elf tattoo – white

Great offer – try your luck in our gacha machines at Fable for a chance to get your hands on the rares of Aerwen body tattoos! The tattoos come as Omega appliers and can either be used as single tattoos or if you are lucky to get the rare, a black or white full body tattoo!

Leather boots gachas

Gacha – belted leather boots
Gacha – patchwork suede leather boots with ribbon decoration

Lovely suede and leather boots! Have a try at our gachas at Fable event for a chance to win the rare edition. The boots are mesh and comes with an easy to use resize script so you can be sure to fit them to your avatars size.

Event information for Fable in Second Life

FABLE event in Second Life
Click to teleport!

FABLE Event brought to you by Evil Bunny Productions.
The theme of this event is FABLE Once Upon A Time … create your own story. What do you dream of – what is your fairy tale or horror story? Fairies, elves, fantasy, horror, the choice is yours!

Timeline: August 6th – 27th 2016

Catwa Jackson mesh head appliers!

catwa jackson Peter-skin-line-CATWA-Jackson-appliers-sand-Deluxe-Body-Factory-Second-Life
Catwa Jackson mesh head appliers in sand skin tone
catwa jackson Peter-skin-line-CATWA-jackson-appliers-almond-Deluxe-Body-Factory-Second-Life
Catwa Jackson mesh head appliers in almond skin tone
catwa jackson Peter-skin-line-CATWA-Jackson-appliers-oak-Deluxe-Body-Factory-Second-Life
Catwa Jackson mesh head applier in oak skin tone

CATWA Jackson mesh head appliers available for Peter skin line! The applier set is available in 3 different skin tones (sand, almond and oak), each set includes appliers for Jackson mesh head, 5 facial hair options plus a body base skin for classic avatars. Please note, the textures are especially adjusted for this mesh head. They are a perfect match to Peter skin line, which includes skins, modifiable shape plus a huge range of head and body appliers. Check out Peter skin line and the recently released ADAM mesh body appliers!

As always, please try a demo, available both on the Second Life marketplace as well as in our store inworld Second Life (sand, almond, oak).

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