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Nails and lipsticks, plums and berries, anyBODY!

Plums and berries lipsticks!
Plums-and-berries-SLINK-Omega-nail-appliers-fall-Deluxe-Body-Fa tory-Second-Life-anybody
Plums and berries nail polish!

Nails and lipsticks, plums and berries, yummy limited fall editions available at anyBODY in Second Life! Deluxe Body Factory’s exclusive items for September round, now available.

Plums and berries lipstick comes as regular tattoo layers with appliers for #TheMeshProject, SLINK Visage and Omega. As for the nail polish, it’s available in two versions, one plain, one decorated with small autumn leaves. Both includes appliers for SLINK mesh hands and Omega nail polish appliers!

Teleport to anyBODY eventĀ in Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elmira/200/145/21


SLINK nails – Happy Easter!

[DBF]-SLINK-nails-Happy-Easter-set-4-AD [DBF]-SLINK-nails-Happy-Easter-set-3-AD [DBF]-SLINK-nails-Happy-Easter-set-2-AD [DBF]-SLINK-nails-Happy-Easter-set-1-AD

SLINK nails with Happy Easter colours! Available both at the Second Life Marketplace and in Deluxe Body Factory’s store inworld Second Life. Manicure and pedicure included.

To shop online, just click the picture of your choice above.