anyBODY Second Life Summer Romance Lipsticks

anyBODY Second Life exclusive, romantic lipstick collection, The Mesh Project, SLINK, Sweetlips, Kissers from Deluxe Body Factory skins
Exclusively for anyBODY Second Life!

anyBODY event is open! Check out the exclusive from Deluxe Body Factory! Beautiful Summer Romance lipsticks. Available as tattoo layers and appliers for The Mesh Project and SLINK Visage mesh heads, Soul Kissers and PXL Sweetlips mesh lips. 8 shades of warm pink to mix and match. The perfect addition to your cosmetic bag.


8 lipsticks as tattoo layers for regular avatars

1 installer with 8 lipstick options for The Mesh Project mesh head

1 HUD with 8 lipstick options for SLINK Visage mesh head

1 HUD with 8 lipstick options for Soul Kissers mesh lips

1 HUD with 8 lipstick options for PXL Sweetlips mesh lips

Where can I find anyBODY Second Life event?

Teleport directly to the event in-world Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elmira/201/238/22

Please note! Only available at anyBODY for the duration of the event. Have fun!

Second Life freebie – MENstuff hunt gift – Jack!

Jack skin and shape. Includes #TMP head and body, SLINK hands and feet – free hunt gift for MENstuff hunt in Second Life

MENstuff hunt has started! Deluxe Body Factory’s hunt gift is Jack skin and shape with The Mesh Project head AND body installers, SLINK hands and feet. The best part, it is free! This is an exclusive freebie skin pack only available for MENstuff hunt 2015. Don’t miss out on this bargain, tell your friends! Teleport: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hidden%20Village/171/85/1142

Hunt hint: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine …” Rememer to check out MENstuff blog page as well for more bargains: http://menstuff.stuff-sl.com/

Are you interested in more male skin installers for The Mesh Project with several facial hair options and 3 different skin tones? Check out Peter skin or Asian male Daichi skin, previously released.

Happy hunting!

Dream Fair in Second Life – skin Estelle!

Estelle skin featured with The Mesh Project head “Fierce” and body

Exclusively for Dream Fair!
Close up of Estelle skin wearing The Mesh Project head Fierce
Dream Fair in Second Life has just opened! Check out the exclusive skin Estelle provided. This is a huge pack with all kinds of appliers, including The Mesh Project and SLINK Visage mesh head installers!

– Regular avatar skin with 2 cleavage options
– The Mesh Project head, body, hands and feet installer
– SLINK Visage, Physique, hands and feet appliers
– Maitreya mesh body, hands and feet appliers
– Belleza mesh body, hands and feet appliers
– Kitties Lair mesh body appliers
– PXL Sweetlips appliers
– Soul Kissers appliers
– Loud Mouth appliers
– Lola appliers
– AMD Baby Bump appliers

Please note, this bargain is only available at Dream Fair in Second Life during the time of the event. Teleport to the fair: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Valyria/195/187/1505


Stiletto heels for TMP Ouch and SLINK high!

Stiletto heels Makayla! Available for The Mesh Project Ouch and SLINK high feet. Materials enabled for a beautiful shine and realistic details. Click on each picture below to shop online or visit L’s fashion in Second Life!

Makayla black leather
Makayla heels cognac leather
Makayla heels khaki leather
Makayla heels snake skin with red bow
Makayla heels snake skin with pink bow

SLINK Visage – Africa my love – WEIB March

Africa my love – makeup set no. 1


Africa my love – make-up set no. 2


Africa my love – make-up set no. 3


SLINK Visage make-up! WEIB sales room is a sales event with a monthly range change, the round ends at the end of the month. Only SLINK Avatar enhancement products are sold.

Deluxe Body Factory offers 3 exclusive make-up editions for SLINK Visage mesh head, only available here during the time of the event! Africa my love make-up line is compatible with the new skin line Shawna with a discount of 30% compared to regular price.

These special make-ups are sold in packs of 3 for each skin tone (chestnut or ebony) and the matching SLINK Physique applier is also included. Free demos are provided for the Visage head appliers.

Find more information about Afro-american skin line Shawna here.

This special release will not be sold after the event. Hurry up and grab these exclusive bargains now at WEIB sales room! Teleport in Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Andriannas%20Dreams/188/94/21

Have fun!

Afro-american skin line Shawna

Afro-american skin line Shawna is released! A totally new skin line with lots of options for make-up and appliers, even #TheMeshProject mesh head installers and SLINK Visage appliers! Read on to see all the goodies available for you.

Shawna skin and shape pack

Shawna skin and shape for regular avatars

Pictured above is Shawna skin and shape pack for regular avatars. This pack includes make-up on tattoo layers, a browless skin option, Maitreya, #TheMeshProject, SLINK, Baby Bump, Kitties Lair and Lola appliers. Shop online at Second Life Marketplace (Chestnut skin tone, Ebony skin tone).


  • Skin with subtle breasts or cleavage boost, with OR without eyebrows (4 skins per skin tone)
  • Makeup on tattoo layer, you can mix and match between 10 lipsticks, 4 eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner
  • Black brows on tattoo layer for the browless skin
  • Modifiable shape, copy, keep the original and create new looks
  • Modifiable brow shaper, change your face appearance
  • Alpha layer to hide the system lashes
  • Appliers for:
    • Maitreya mesh body Lara
    • TheMeshProject mesh body
    • SLINK Physique mesh body
    • Kitties Lair mesh body Lena
    • Lola Tango/Delicq
    • AMD Baby Bump

Below is a teaser of the different mesh bodies with Shawna skin appliers on. From the left to the right: SLINK Physique, Maitreya Lara, #TheMeshProject. Please note, appliers for Lena mesh body from Kitties Lair are also included.

From the left: SLINK Physique, Maitreya Lara, #TMP


Shawna SLINK Visage and Physique pack

Shawna skin on SLINK Visage mesh head and Physique mesh body

This pack is for SLINK lovers! Pictured above is Shawna skin on SLINK Visage mesh head Emma with Physique mesh body appliers. Two skin tones available with a make-up HUD for Visage. Lots of options, mix and match or wear the natural face option. Shop online on Second Life Marketplace (Chestnut skin tone, Ebony skin tone)!

* Visage mesh head HUD, mix and match between 10 lipsticks, 4 eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner or natural face option
* Physique mesh body HUD, includes body, hands and feet applier with one click

#TheMeshProject head and body installers

Shawna skin on #TheMeshProject mesh head and mesh body

#TheMeshProject mesh head and mesh body installers! Personally I just love #TMP mesh heads, they really show all the details of a skin. Especially for Shawna, all details I worked to add to the new skin shows. From the rich lips to the thin layer of freckles on the nose.
Shop online on Second Life Marketplace (Chestnut skin tone, Ebony skin tone).


  • TMP mesh head installer – separate layers, mix and match
    • Face skin installer, browless
    • Brow installer, black brows
    • Eyeshadow installer with separate eyeliner (4 shadows, 1 eyeliner)
    • 10 lipsticks
  • TMP mesh body installer, includes body, hands and feet

Make-up options

Last but not least, a highlight of all make-ups to choose from, included in each pack displayed above! The regular skin and shape pack has tattoo layers and as with both the SLINK Visage HUD and #TheMeshProject head installers, you can easily mix and match all options since they are separate. Choose amongst 10 lipsticks, 4 eyeshadows, 1 black eyeliner to combine with the natural face option.

Make-up options – mix and match!

More make-up packs are in the works as well, check back to see when they are available! Requests are gratefully accepted, keep them coming. What make-up would you like more, special colors, styles, gloss, more brows?

Leave your requests as comments or drop me a note card inworld Second Life.

anyBODY – for applier lovers

anyBODY is the new “MUST GO” event for applier lovers. Arranged by Flair for events, a quote from their pressrelease:

Appliers are not associated with only busty girls anymore. Any kind of women… small, big, tall, curvy, skinny… can now enjoy wearing body enhancements like boobs, booties, mesh bodies, hands, etc. Appliers are for anyBODY!

Each round will starts the 7th at 7AM SLT until the end of the month.

Deluxe Body Factory is proud to announce our body enhancements available ONLY at anyBODY!

  • Jahne Doe – TheMeshProject head and body installers
  • Samantha – TheMeshProject head and body installers, SLINK Visage and Physique appliers

All the exlusives includes both head and body appliers/installers plus a body base (regular avatar skin for all combos of mesh body, head and SLAV).

Teleport directly: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elmira/174/76/22

anyBODY exclusive #1 – Jahne Doe – TheMeshProject head and body installers

Jahne Doe – wearing TMP basic body and TMP deluxe head Fierce


Jahne Doe – TMP basic body and TMP head Fierce


anyBODY exclusive #2 – Samantha – SLINK Visage and Physique

Samantha – worn on SLINK Visage head Emma with Physique body


Samantha – worn with SLINK Visage head Emma and Physique body

anyBODY exclusive #3 – Samantha – TheMeshProject head and body installers

Samantha, worn with #TheMeshProjects head Fierce and basic mesh body


Samantha, worn with #TheMeshProjects head Fierce and basic body


My SLINK Obsession – Jahne Doe

My-SLINK-Obsession-Jahne-Doe-Visage-Physique-face-AD-Deluxe-Body-Factory-Second-Life My-SLINK-Obsession-Jahne-Doe-Visage-Physique-body-AD-Deluxe-Body-Factory-Second-Life

My SLINK Obsession January opens the 5th. Deluxe Body Factory offers a special new release with 50% discount during the time of the event! Check out SLINK Visage and SLINK Physique appliers Jahne Doe! A slightly androgyn skin, pale and ghostly. The full version will include shapes and flat chest tattoos amongts other things.

The special release for My SLINK Obsession event includes a combined SLINK Visage and SLINK Physique HUD, one click for all mesh parts! A matching body base is also included – a regular avatar skin. Wear the body base with your mesh head or mesh body if you don’t combine them at once.

SLINK applies for hands and feet are also included in the HUD.

Teleport to My SLINK Obsession here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Slink%20West/202/121/27, check out the organizers blog for what more bargains you may find: http://myslinkobsession.wordpress.com/2015/01/05/my-slink-obsession-january-round-is-open/

Have fun!

SLINK Visage and Physique at WEIB, Snow

[DBF] Snow Physique and Visage WEIB sales room January face AD

[DBF] Snow Physique and Visage WEIB sales room January body AD

SLINK Visage and Physique appliers are available in an exlusive release at WEIB sales room! The pack includes Visage applier, Physique applier and a body base skin. All appliers are easily installed from one HUD, one click!

Choose to combine SLINK Visage mesh head appliers with your regular shape and Snow skin or perhaps only SLINK Physique body with your regular avatar head shape and Snow skin.

Pictures are taken using SLINK Visage Emma mesh head and SLINK Physique mesh body version 1.4, windlight CalWL. A style card is included in the box as well.

Teleport to WEIB sales room:

Have fun!

POE7 – Peace On Earth hunt gift



POE7 (Peace On Earth hunt) start 1th December and Deluxe Body Factory is participating! Lovely gifts for you, exclusively created for POE7. Come beautify your avatar with these sweet treats!

  • SLINK nailpolish with three different nails, theme Sweet flowers. Works on both finger and toenails.
  • Grace skin and shape, a beautiful skin in one skin tone plus a modifiable shape. Style card with information of available appliers such as SLINK hands and feet, Physique, Visage and such also included.

Happy hunting!